Coffee Cup Stories

Coffee Cup:- ONE Nightingale sitting alone

I still don’t know that very day rain was testing me or trying to stop me. All I remember ;he was going back and I had the only chance to meet him that day or to keep waiting for another God grace. He did not wanted me to come may be because he was not interested ;but I was so much madly in love I did not wanted to miss a chance to meet him at any cost. Honestly to meet him I would have crossed any obstacle, I did crossed because I had another level of dedication and love for him.

That day was no less than a tough day. But I have to go to meet him bcz for me he was my ultimate happiness. To spend few minutes was enough for me. I did not want to miss out. To get it I gave my 100%.

I don’t remember the month but I exactly remember every moment of that day. I used to have two wheeler black color Activa. I was taking it out from my parking area so excitingly. At that time it was very nice beautiful weather. I would say romantic. I was thanking god for this day as I was going to meet him in such a romantic weather. Like every other girl I was taking it as a sign that he is the only one ‘My Man’. Funnyyyy….

With kind of energy I started my way from home to my meet my Man (I used to think), reciprocally rain started its game. I had no raincoat, nothing to cover my face or head. I was struggling while driving not just bcz roads were jammed with humongous traffic; but also I could not see clearly as my specs were doused by rain. Despite that I was happy because my destination, my happiness was on other side waiting for me. To reach there I have to go through all this. It was no less than trudge journey but I was really happy. That day I also realized I really love this man because I was aware of one more fact he was not that excited or happy as I was; instead he was not so positive of me coming to meet him at Railway station (Nizzamudin, New Delhi).

Finally, I reached. The time I parked my Activa on parking I was at top as I have achieved something. Giving little background about me I have crowd phobia. I get very disturbed when I see myself between crowd, I get very uncomfortable. What you can expect at Delhi Railway station and because it was raining heavily that day everything was looking messy, no place to sit or to wait. I was moving here there with no idea to go where. In fact I reached before him so I was waiting for him with so much excitement in my heart and all drenched from head to toe. I was shivering. I remember I wore black jeans, black spaghetti and top of that crosia light green top.

That day is so much in my head I can see myself standing in crowd, driving Activa all drenched struggling to see view, shivering, crazy crowd and me in mid of all. Announcement was going like “Garib Rath from X place going to Mumbai will be arriving on so and so platform’’.

I was waiting for him on the other side whereas he was at the entering side. But finally he arrived and I am going to see him standing in front of me and he is going to see me, I was shivering more now, butterflies, goose bumps all were happening at the same time. I was super excited and nervous. Feeling wish has come true. It was a dream and it was going to be real in few minutes. I was struggling finding that place but I was HAPPY, Real Happy. This view is happening in my eyes right now. I can feel it; I can see how nervous and happy I was. That moment was happening in my favor as I am going to meet my man in few minutes. I was so excited.

Now, from far I see him standing it was little blurred as I didn’t wear my glasses. My heart stopped like someone has tore down my heart brutally. As, I see him standing with a girl. In that very moment all thought rushed in my mind. Is this girl is his girlfriend and I am going to meet him and he will introduce me to her by saying I am his friend …so and so. I was terrified. I still carry that feeling in my heart. It was heart breaking. I went close and I see he is not him, Person I saw resembles like him as he is tall, lean just like him. I felt my soul that left me few minutes before coming back to me, now I was breathing properly, my heart was thankful to god and to this boy. I realized what will happen to me if this ever becomes true. How I am going to take and absorb this pain. A girl all drenched come all way to meet his love and see him with some other girl. That moment was heavy.

I went ahead. I rang him asking where he is. I was struggling and I was lost and I was still not out of that thought. I was looking for him here and there but I was lost. Suddenly I see him standing in front of me. I was so happy and sad same time I could not react. My heart wanted to hug him tight so that I forget that heartbroken moment but I couldn’t. He was standing in front of me; tall in fact very tall carrying his laptop bag on his shoulder and may be one more bag, wearing dark green t-shirt, black jeans. He saw me all drenched and shivering. May be I was looking very crazy all drenched with no hair do, no make up.

He happened. He was standing in front of me. He was around me. He was close. In between all that crowd he was someone I can say he belong to me, I know him, he is friend, he is love, He is mine. My heart was in solace.

There was moment of silenceness from both sides. I don’t know what he was thinking seeing me all drenched.We both looked in each other side. After minute of silence we decided to sit in a cafe. Like a nice guy he wanted to pull chair for me but I didn’t gave him chance;I did that by myself.

We sat in front of each other. He offered me coffee. But I refused though I wanted it badly as I was feeling cold. Just to start conversation he pointed out my nail do by saying it’s not done properly. I got little embarrassed and conscious at same time bcz he was observing everything. We both wanted to say a lot to each other but we didn’t. When he tried he ended up hurting me by asking when I am getting married. I got hurt because indirectly he was trying to convey a message to me I should not keep any hope from him. May be he saw deep love for him in my eyes. He got scared, he was feeling guilty and responsible for feelings I had for him. We never discussed but we both knew it was him who initiated this journey. He knew for me he is my best friend, Friend I trust more than anyone else, he knew he is my diary. He knew everything. He knew I will be broken so maybe he was preparing me from the possibility of not happening us together.

It was not so great time with him but still I would say it flied quickly. He had to go now as announcement was going on. Together we looked for train; it was very crowded and I was feeling very uneasy because of that. We said goodbye to each other. He asked me to drop message once I reach but I didn’t as I was annoyed.

It was not a happy memorable day. But surely was a day I realized I will be deadly broken when time will come of our lifetime separation. The day we will be no longer friends, sharing sadness, happiness, festivals, birthday wishes.

It’s been good number of years this day had happened. May be for him it was just one of the day but for me it is something else.

I did not live Love but I felt it to core of my BEING.

Not life changing but beautiful…. just like little sparkling star…