Journey of Life is no less than a rainbow.

All shades, all varieties, all moments, all humanity we see in the journey of our life. Sometime we experience it, sometime we see someone experiencing it.

Success has no formula, life also has no specific formula.

You have to search your formula of your life, unlike mathematics you can’t follow someone else formula and if you do so, no guarantee you reach to the same destination. Possibly possible you land up in some other land.

That’s the struggle; finding your formula so that you can enjoy your Rainbow.

Otherwise you will only drench and never see The Rainbow of your life.

Rainbow gives tremendous beautiful feeling, calm all our senses. Give shine to eyes, smile to face, cool soothing feeling, fragrance of beautiful view, chirping of birds, blowing air.

The day you find your Rainbow, you will cherish every moment of your life. Because that every moment taking you close to your Rainbow.

“What I see?

‘’ Having Coffee with my loved ones and watching our Rainbows”

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