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Service Design Project -Redesign Singapore’s largest ticketing platform “SISTIC”

The client brief was simple, to revamp the current SISTIC website. Over the years, the website has been improved by overhauled Information Architecture and Purchase flow. However, the site is not yet responsive to cater for mobile users, and there are dozens of usability issues based on our customers’ feedbacks.

Here is where we put on our UX Designer hats and collaborate as a team to break down and redesign the website to include a better user flow and feature that would be crucial for better performance.

What do the User’s Need?

SISTIC sells tickets to events ranging from pop concerts, to musicals, theatre, family entertainment and sports. Readily accessible, ticket buyers can browse for and buy tickets through the SISTIC website, customer hotline and mobile app.

Being the ticketing service and solution provider behind more than 1000 events every year and the leading provider in Singapore, it was easy to find existing users for SISTIC. We sent out screener questions to get a demo graph of our users and to understand who they are?

From further interviewing existing and potential customers we realised how simple the need was -they approach SISTIC to get tickets and the want the process of discovery to booking to be seamless and easy. So if we had to work on a redesign thats where we start from.

We started with a Persona

We put her in a Scenario to understand her emotions, needs and pains.

The Storyboard

The Interaction with SISTIC

As service providers we need to understand how this identified customer would interact with the brand. We got our users to actually go through the website and perform the task of finding and booking tickets for a particular show. This gave us insights of what they like and where they get stuck on the website.

We developed a Service Blueprint to document this process and to corelate it to what the customer needs and what is offered currently.

The Service Blueprint

Connecting the Dots

Now that we know where the gap is we realised what a monumental task it is to include all these features in the redesign. We also realised that the mobile market is going to be the future that SISTIC can tap into to increase sales and also make the brand go beyond just ticket booking, so we concentrated on mobile redesign first. So now its time to start prioritising what is the most critical features to work on and what can be phased out for future development.

From this list of feature we worked on 2 that we thought needs to be addressed first.

Finally the problem statement evolved from all this research:

“I want to purchase tickets but the process lacks clarity and makes me feel restricted.”

Lets get Designing

The Wireframe

The Solution

Simplify and enhance the user experience for booking of tickets.

From all the rough sketches we finalised on the final Interface design and focused on key features that we thought were essential for the user.

The Key Features of the Solution — Phase 1

Easy Booking process, where the booking order doubles as a booking Summary
A personalised interface which is curated to personal preferences.
No room for surprises, see what your booking and get the best seat options.

But we just dint get here that easily, we started with first putting our wireframes to test to understand if the redesign serves its purpose. We made iteration based on feedback and understanding where the customer gets stuck while navigating.

Iteration 1: The initial sketches had the search bar lost with the rest of the content, so we simplified the design to get a personalised landing page where the search is the most prominent element.

Iteration 2: The second feature of easy booking process was made into a guided step by step process, to hand hold the customer through booking process without missing on inputing critical information.

Phase 2 Feature Roll Out

Introducing e-tickets, to make the handling of the ticket post booking a lot more easy for the customer and the business.

E-ticket option for easy ticket management

SISTIC has important features on their platform like promotions, dining vouchers and deals as well as air ticket booking options. This was a bit confusing for the customers as they associate the brand with just ticketing for events. We decided to use this to our advantage to create a wholistic experience.

We introduced recommendations for dining options nearby the event which the customer can use post booking their tickets.

Also if a customer books an overseas event we can offer an options for them to book their air tickets on the same platform.

Cross promotion post ticket purchase


The processes actually works! I have to admit that there were times I felt so confused and had so much doubt if we would be able to get any clarity of how to get a better solution. But sticking to processes like the affinity mapping, CJM and Service Blueprint actually unfolds the solution right before you.

Listen to the user. Its true all the answers are hidden in the users behaviour, need and pains, all you got to do is reach out, ask and listen.

Group brainstorming can be enlightening and enriching. As designers we get stuck on an idea which actually restricts us from looking at other perspectives which may not result to optimum solutions. But when working with a group it makes you question and analyse every decision.

Finding the balance, bridging customer needs with business goals can ensure what features to work on and what to scrap. You cant satisfy all, but you need to know what the essentials are.

As we roll out projects I can say that I am getting a hang of this and its getting more and more interesting by the day. Throw me a challenge and I will conquer it!



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