Project 1 for General Assembly

SPUTNIK- A tool to Fuel you to reach your full potential.

For this project we were made into teams of 2 and were asked to Discuss and select a topic which you could work on a solution and hence build an app prototype for the same. I was teamed up with Suling who is a very smart and intelligent girl. She chose productivity which I though was quiet a daring topic. I chose shopping as I thought it would be a safer and familiar territory for me. You could just imagine what I felt when we were asked to exchange the topics. So here I am with my Project on Productivity. I hope it turned out to be a fairly “productive” solution for this pretty broad topic.

The steps we followed to derive a solution were pretty much by the book and was rolled out in accordance to the lectures delivered to us in class. So the first topic we brushed upon was:


Now how do you Identify the problem when the topic is as vague as productivity so I turned to my partner Suling to get an understanding on “What made her choose the topic??”

So this got me thinking on which aspect of productivity I would want to further delve into, so I did talk to a few more of my future users who so kindly took out the time to share their thoughts with me.

I further broke down my enquiry and framed my questionnaire based on these specific contexts to further help me identify a potential problem. The term productivity can be broken down to:

Contextual Inquiry or Shadowing

Personal, Health, professional, time, Interests, goals and Motivation. I found that when framing questions against a certain context you get a clarity in the answers received. I asked a couple of questions in each context and when I detected a problem I further probed the interviewee in that particular direction which got me to my desired results and answers.

As you can see I had circled down 3 contexts where I could identify potential problem and a probable solution.

On further enquiry and questioning I could identify a pressing problem.

Findings of Affinity Mapping

So all this research has lead me to get to my


To create a solution that can motivate and challenge the user on everyday tasks and provide a competitive platform to measure their PRODUCTIVITY ”

I hence created a Story Board to elaborate on my Users problems and also to put me in his/her shoes so that I could understand them better and work towards a relevant solution.

The Story about “Sputty” and his problem

Sputty loves his work, so what made him miss this particular deadline. Was it that he just dint set any reminders or was there more to it. I just feel that with a little bit of good old “Motivation” he would have pushed himself a little more.


So here’s introducing you to Sputnik , a fun interactive app that does just that. “Motivates and Measures your accomplishments in a real time scenario” and what makes it more interesting is that it has motivation integrated in all aspects.

1. Motivation by placing deadlines and goals.

2. Motivation by seeing you accomplishments and failures.

3. Motivation by competition and rewarding.

4. Motivation by admiration.



There was fear and panic in the US.
 But what was frightening for adults was actually inspiring for many kids.
 The 1999 film “October Sky” depicts a generation obsessed with launching rockets.

All over America, boys by the thousands wanted to help America win, beat the Russians,” — David Hoffman, director of “Sputnik Mania”


The motivation they got finally led them to put a man on the moon and take America to its place as leaders in the space race.



So I started drawing out the best possible flow for the user to navigate through the app so as to serve its purpose and offer an easy usable solution. And heres the simplest flow I could conceive.

From here I got down to actual sketching of the app and visually creating the flow and discovering the possibilities of the app.

As I was going through this process I was able to get clarity on the purpose and function of Sputnik and also draw out its key features. The App at this stage would provide the following solutions.

  1. Sputnik is an app that first and foremost would sync up all the planning and calendaring applications that the user would be using on his/her mobile so that his productivity in terms of time and accomplishments can be analyzed and studied in one central location ie through Sputnik.
  2. The user could set reminders and goals so that he/she could set fixed timelines to accomplish them.
  3. The user could also evaluate himself on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly level so that he has the fuel to motivate him on his short as well as long term goals.
  4. Goals can be challenged by friends and peers and accomplishments can be shared and compared with friends and peers.
  5. This app can be used by individuals to motivate them to achieve more or can be used by an institution so that the competitive spirit can motivate an entire team hence improve productivity.


The First Steps
How it works
The Navigation method



There are a number of ways that I could improvise and perfect Sputnik to make it the best possible version of itself.

  1. I would definitely first of all reduce the number of screens the user would have to visit to get the information.
  2. I would definitely simplify the interface design so that the app is not too overwhelmed for a first time user.

This project has been an avalanche of information and the speed at which we got to work on it made it a lot more interesting and challenging. I believe that Sputnik could be a solution to a real world problem of motivating people to be more productive. But this is an area where the possibilities are endless and the deliverance of the solution can also be an area of tremendous research. But I am satisfied with my product.

I have heard of people actually recording their minute by minute activities for months together manually so that they could just analyze what takes up their time and how they can function better to be more productive. I think I have provided a solution that does just that and maybe more.

I have identified my areas of strength and weakness and I hope that as we progress in this module I can better and perfect myself.

Spoken by the best

So heres Sputnik to provide you with the tools to be better and more productive…