LAG GAYE ~ a reverse life…

A LONG STORY — 5 episodes of KINK, FETISH, HARDCORE HUMILIATION and a tale of how a software professional become a PET-SLAVE of females… by the way — what should be an ideal punishment of a rapist in Indian society ??? 7 yrs jail, financial punishment for rape-victim, hang-till-death, beaten or ALL or the way I am gonna write … enjoy :))

my story is in English + Hindi (very abusive:) , so may be, and i want my readers to go on another level of human mind…something realistic, hardcore … real life exp. by ~

Episode 1

Well… I’m Rajveer. 36 yrs. old, unmarried, a Mumbai resident in a 12 storey building, with my parents and a software Engg. by profession. More about me — I am unmarried, have many women to enjoy with and I use all of them like tissue-papers only. Who cares…. I earns well. I am a firm blve that power can buy anything … even women.

Deepak is our immediate neighbour who got married about 6 months back to Rakhi, a typical Indian housewife, with god gifted figure who can make any man go-wild. I do not know, but somehow, I too develop the fantasies sleeping with her. I always try to talk to her. She also talks with my mom and dad, but very rarely with me. Just usual hi hello.

AND, I am not a good man in her eyes. I do not know, but she knows about my secret intensions and lust for her. Women… born thoughtful.

One day, I was smoking at our building’s main entrance gate at Rakhi was coming with vegetables from market. My other friends tease me by her name as they all know about my fantasy of sleeoing with Rakhi. Usual man’s talks. We all laughed and I approached to Rakhi.

Me — hay Bhabhi. You look fabulous in this yellow sari. (She always wear sari).

Rakhi — Thanks.

And she started again walking to the building corridor. And I kept quiet for that moment. At least she exchanged words with me. And I saw her whole body like a hungry dog sees his bone. But I didn’t react on that time.

One afternoon, I was at home and Rakhi visited my house for some stuffs from my mom. My mom asked her to sit and gone inside. I could not control and staring at her breast. She immediate notice and gave me a super angry look. I also fear as it was my house. But I wanted to see RAKHI, fully naked and my lust for her was increasing day by day…

It was Sunday, about 5 PM and almost every member was at ground lobby for our society-meeting, including Deepak. I was also in the meeting & society-manager was addressing the issue of maintenance and all. I saw Rakhi standing with her friend Dipti. A practicing lawyer from our same society and works for a women NGO. I had all information about society females.

I saw Deepak was going out and Rakhi waved him. He vanish and due to manager calls, Dipti also come forward to the manager table and signing some papers. I thanked my luck as I saw Rakhi all alone standing corner of the office. It was bit dark.

I moved to Rakhi and she also saw me. But she was in normal mood.

Me — Hi Bhabhi

Rakhi — Hello Raj. How r u. Where is Aunty (my mom)

Me — they gone to our native place for farming.

Rakhi — oh, when they are coming back.

Me — next year. Where is Deepak. (I asked intentionally).

Rakhi — He gone for night shift.

I got courage and I took a step more closely to Rakhi. Still no one was there. And I hold her hands and pulled her to my side. And grab her left breast on my right hand.

Me — Bhabhi , we both are alone tonight. And I smiled.

For Rakhi, it was too much, shocking and she immediately shouted me and SLAPPED me, pushed me. In very next moment, I felt down and felt bad, humiliated. It was good for me that no one was watching all this action.

Rakhi — Just because I respect you mom, I am not making complaint. But next time, if you dare to even talk to me, I will tell it to Deepak (her husband).

I stand and gone back. I wanted to take revenge from Rakhi because of that SLAP on my cheeks. I wanted to rape her, kill her but somehow I managed and gone to my apartment.


Next Day, I took leave from office. And waited for Rakhi to go out. I already aware that Deepak go to office in the morning and come late. I got an opportunity after one hour. Since she has similar apartment at my floor, so I was well aware with her flat as well.

I called immediate a key-maker and paid him heavily to make a duplicate key of Rakhi’s house. However, I entered to Rakhi’s house in her absence and placed a remote HD button-camera to her bathroom. Being a software professional, it took me just 3–4 minits to set-up that device, I return to my apartment and connect the camera with my recording device and laptop and waited for the moment.

After a long wait of about 2 hrs, I hear Rakhi’s voice outside at my door. I immediately open my laptop. Being a neighbour and healthy relations with my mom and Rakhi, I had good clue about her schedule. I inew, that she will go for a bath on what time.

I waited for the moment. And I got my luck when she open her bathroom door. I started recording the entire bathing scenes and masturbate. I have committed two crime in one row like entering to her house without consent and taking her bath clips.

Once I relief myself, I edited the clips and make a soft copy, made a fake email id and send it to Rakhi. I called her landline number. She picked-up the call.

Rakhi — Hello. Who’s this plz ?

Me — kutiya, apna mail check kar. (u bitch, check ur email).

Rakhi — Badtameez, teri himmat kaise huyi mujhe call karne ki. (how dare you to call me?)

Me (being too much abusive) — raand saali, apna mail check kar. Main 5 minit me fir call karunga. And I cut the phone.

Rakhi check the mail. And stunned. After 5 Minits, I called her again.

Me — Dekhi ?

Rakhi — Raj, what is this. Plz delete that clip.

Me — Come to my room in next 10 minits. I know Deepak is in office. Tere se baat karni hain. (I want to talk to you).

After 15 minits, I heard my doorbell. I saw from keyhole. It was Rakhi. I smiled and open the door. She was looking at the floor. I laughed evil.

Me — come inside. She entered inside my house and stand shivering and crying.

Me : mila saali thappad ka jawad. (u got the answer of your slap) ?

Rakhi — I am sorry, plz.

I know that NOW, she was under my control now. I just sat on my sofa. She also was sitting. I shouted — saali khadi rahna. (just stand, do not sit).

She was not expecting this behaviour from me. I laughed again evil and stare her.

Me — if you do not want this clip to be circulated on internet, just follow my order. Or entire Mumbai will see your naked body. And I again laughed.

Rakhi (sobbing) — plz aisa mat karo, plz. And she fall on my feet. I was gaining satisfaction.

Me — Ok, main aisa nahi karunga. But jo bolunga, karegi ? (ok, I wont publicise the clip, but u have to follow my orders)

Rakhi — NO, plz. Do not play with my life Raj. I beg you.

Me — JUST KEEP QUITE, if u follow my orders, I wont do anything. But if you act anything funny, your life would be hell. U UNDERSTAND (I shouted) ?

Rakhi (sobbing) — YES. What I have to do.

Me (laughed while stretching my legs on centre table) — OK, I won’t even touch you.

Me — Now, SLAP YOURSELF. She cried, sob and did it.

Me — NOW, strip. Her sobbing become anger but we both knew who is in the charge here. She had no options.

I watched her removing her sari. I laughed. She was in her bra and panty pieces only. Looking down cause of humiliation.

Me : now again slap yourself. She again slapped herself 4–5 time.

Me — now press your boobs, yourself. She did it while sobbing. I was keep laughing.

Me : OK. Now, both hand up and dance. She followed my orders for some bad dance moves. I smiled on my winning (?).

Even I was bit scared, if she screams. I thought, not to rape her now. And I will do it next time. I said to Rakhi — Now go back to your home. I will call you next time. U BITCH. U SLAPED ME. This is the result. I will make my whore.

Rakhi said nothing, wear again her sari, looks down, cried like a kid and gone out from my door. I masturbate, again. Watch porn and planning to rape her again n again, day by day.

Next day, I go to office. HAPPILY.

On the other hand, Rakhi was sitting in the society lawn, face down, depressed and in fear. Her friend Dipti, a resident of same society & works as a lawyer in Mrs. Nirmala office. She managed to discuss Rakhi and Rakhi explained her everything.

Dipti was very upset and suggested Rakhi to meet with Mrs. Nirmala, who is a famous power-broker and head of NGO — crime against women. She is a powerful and well connected lady of Mumbai.

They both visited to Mr.s Nirmala office.

Nirmala — I think, we must take the matter to the police.

Rakhi — No didi, that bustard threaten me to make the clipping viral on internet, if I go to police.

Rakhi — And didi (to Nirmala) — he will blackmail me forever… and start sobbing.

Nirmala — so Rakhi, what do you want ? What help you need.

Dipti (in between) — Madam, is there any way out if we get the clip, without making it public ? Rakhi is very close friend of mine and we must help her.

Nirmala — Exactly. Never trust these bastard. You must teach a lifetime lesson to such corroks.

Rakhi — But how madam? Raj has those clippings.

Nirmala (after a long pause) — OK, you leave it now. Go and relax. I will do something for you Rakhi. And ask your husband to stay whole day with you.

Rakhi did not get any clue. Nirmala — Now smile and go, beta. I will manage it. I know how to handle such bastards.

Rakhi and Dipti got little relax and they both gone.

Next day, sharp 8 AM, I got a call from unknown number.

Me — Hello. I heard a strong, confident feminine voice. It was Mrs. Nirmala Devi.

Nirmala — is this Rajveer ?

Me — yes. How can I help you.

Nirmala — Rajveer, I know all your crime about Rakhi. If I would have been in her place, you would ended-up in jail. But Since it’s about Rakhi’s life and respect, I have a deal for you.

Me — How the hell she approached you ? (My heart sank).

Nirmala — Shutup you swine. And listen to me carefully. I SMS you my office address. You come with all your clips of Rakhi and I give you 2 lakhs as compensation.

Me (happily) — OK. I will reach on time. Plz make the cash ready.

She said OK and cut the call.

I was happy and thinking — I can fuck 20 women with this money. And again masturbate.

I reached to given address on time. I know Rakhi, my dream lady and Dipti. Both were sitting with 2 new faces. One is Mrs. Nirmala & another a lady, both new faces was seems 50 yrs above and looks like very powerful.

Me — Ok, so where is my 2 lakhs ?

Nirmala smiled — Relax Dear. First meet my friend — Kiran Deshmukh. Cyber Cell, Mumbai Police.

My heart sank. I take a step back. My heartbeat got faster. I was scared.

Nirmala Continued — And Mr. Rajveer, as per the laws of IPC section 376, you can go to jail for 7 yrs.

Me — but for this, you must lodge a FIR against me. So Rakhi, will you go with Deepak to police station and tell everyone about your nudity ? I try to play smart, but they were smarter than me.

Nirmala — Shut up you bastard. As per new laws, she can hide her identity and still can lodge a complaint against you. Do you want to see this ? Police will arrest you immediately.

My heart again sank and I start looking down.

Me — OK. I do not want 2 lakhs. The 4th lady was staring me continuously, but didn’t utter a word.

Nirmala — So MR Raj Veer, we have cracked down the IP address of your laptop and have a strong evidence to prove it in court. So now, shall I call the police or you are deleting the clips ?

I immediately open my laptop and formatted it. All the data was erased.

Me — Look madam, my whole career will be on stake. I deleted all copies and I do not have any other copies. I swear. Now can I go back ?

Nirmala — NO WAY. You commit a crime, morally, socially. And your act is punishable, so you learn to respect women. I also come to know about your other habits of womanising, heavy drinking.

Me looking at floor. Rakhi and Dipti were giving me angry looks. INCLUDING THE 4th LADY.

Me — plz let me go back now. I was about to cry in fear.

Nirmala — let you go my foot. Kiran, CALL THE POLICE.

I immediately dropped at Nirmala feet and start crying. Nirmala said to me sit down. I was pulling a chair.

Nirmala — Rajveer, sit on the floor, not on the chair. I had no options. I sit on the floor. Nirmala feet was just about 5–6 inches away to my face.

Nirmala — Look, considering your parents age, I am not calling police, but you will be punished, FOR SURE. Either go to jail for 7 yrs or if you follow my all orders for 3 yrs, I can consider you.

Me immediately — Thank you madam. So, tell me, how much I have to pay to Rakhi now ? I got the hardest face-kick of my life from Nirmala.

Nirmala — You swine, do you think you can buy a women with your money ??? Kiran, just show him a little trailer.

And, then the 4th lady stand and she start beating me up black n’ blue, mercilessly from her feet. My nose start bleeding.

Me — sobbing, plz plz, mat maariye, plz (plz do not hit me). I will follow all your orders.

Nirmala — Kiran, plz stop. And Rajveer, sign this paper. It’s written your crime and you are agreeing it. It will be a safe copy for us.

I try to stand with pain, a lot of pain and somehow, I signed the papers.

Nirmala — Ok, you can go now. Leave your laptop here only. Tomorrow morning — 9 AM sharp — Rakhi’s house. Bye for now. Check your mail today on 7 PM. And smiled.

And I came back to house. Took a leave from office.

Rakhi — Didi, kya ho raha hain. Mujhe bahut dar lag raha hain.

She looks tens. Nirmala — daro mat beta. (do not fear now, kid). You are safe now. You are very innocent.

And she Nirmala smiled, And Kiran too.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Episode 2

I opened my email on 7 Pm. Got an email signed by Mr. Nirmala. The entire conversation, beating and my crime acceptance was recorded. I watched the clip and immediate call the mention mobile number on email.

Me — Hello, hellooo madam.

Nirmala — So, watched the clip. Good. You want to say something Mr. Rajveer.

Me — I have got my punishment. Now what you want? I erased entries from my laptop. Now what? I sounded frustrated.

Nirmala — Punishment??? (She laughed a bit) — You forget, if you do not come to Rakhi’s house tomorrow, this clips will be viral on internet, to your boss and your relatives. We have all your details now.

I cursed my mistake (or sin) and cried.

Next day, I pressed Rakhi apartment doorbell on 9–15. She only opened the door and let me in. I saw all 4 known faces.

Me — Sorry Rakhi.

And for saying that, I got another hardest kick on my back. It was Kiran. I felt down on floor.

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