Decoding Meta!

"Meta" is a greek term that denotes going beyond.

Meta becomes the umbrella brand that includes WhatsApp, Instagram and Meta, which will not see a name change.

  • The logo now representing Meta is the 3-d(slightly) symbol of infinity in motion.
  • It has a M for meta,but more than that it looks as infinity symbol in motion
  • The infinity symbol aptly represent going beyond and shares with it the futuristic ambition for going beyond social media
  • When in motion, Meta's infinity-style logo looks like swallowing the product brands: Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.
  • The logo also has been given a 3d touch representing Facebook’s plan for venturing into the 3-D/ multi- dimensional aspect of social media interactions through AR, VR and avatars!
  • A thing to be noted here is that in all of the rebranding exercise, the logo retained Facebook’s iconic blue colour adding to it is the gradient and variants.
  • On a closing note, I also resonated with the thought that the logo is a cojoining of W and 3 (rotated 90degree left) representing web3
  • The logo resembles to VR headset as well, again a strong correlation for the future Meta envisions.
  • The second one is a bit different, if you have watched The Incredibles, you would notice that the logo is the eye masks of the cartoon characters,again relating to the avatar part of the future interactions.



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