Just Do It

Pilot post as a rookie writer.

A couple of weeks ago the idea of starting a blog came up, and like other personal projects, it stays an idea forever. Unless…

Here’s how the process looks like:

1- Revelation

“Maybe I should start blogging”, I told myself. I was excited.

2- Foreplay

I entertained the idea for a while. Daydreaming about how “successful” this will be.

3- Social Support Hunting

I needed encouragement, so I called a few, carefully “handpicked” friends to ask their opinion. I was very biased with who I called, because the last thing I wanted was someone letting me down.

4- Self-doubt

My childhood friend, “The Fear of Failure” shows up

“What If I failed? What if they don’t like my posts? What If I don’t add value? Do I have the skill? I never wrote before. Is writing the right choice for me? English is not my mother tongue! Wait, why am I doing this?”

5- Planning

How should I do it? When should I do it? I created an excel file, with all the potential topics I could talk about. I was planning on writing at least 10 articles offline before publishing anything online.

6- More Planning

Overthinking, which platform to use? Wordpress.com or Medium? What if? What if and What if?

I initially went with Wordpress.com, there’s a backstory here that I don’t want to share because it will distract you from the purpose of this article.

7- Quitting

At this stage, I was so emotionally drained to the point I had to stop.

This is usually how far I get with ideas. I rarely reach execution phase. I knew I had a major procrastination problem. A lot of projects were on-hold, waiting for the “right moment” to surface. Some are pending for 3 years now. I even told myself “I’ll wait till 2017 to solve the problem”, I procrastinated solving my procrastination problem!

With so many people knowing I want to start writing, I felt obligated to follow through, and as usual, I opened 20+ tabs browsing the internet for Blogging tips and How-to’s.

I realized that I am still in the “mental masturbation zone”. In fancy words, its called “Analysis Paralysis”.

That’s when I told myself, and I am glad I did:

“ You know what? I don’t care what happens, I am going to start now”

Here I am, I created this account, and I am writing this pilot article with no filters, no plans, no expectations in mind.

I am done waiting in the shadows, I don’t know if I’ll ever become a better writer, but I give myself permission to try.

Here’s what I learned in one sentence:

If your personal project is NOT in any way, shape or form life threatening…Just Do It.