Be a Better People with Decision

People live with many options. But they must choose one in order to go on their live. Choose one of those many options means they must sacrifice the others.

For example, a person with a good career may be bad with their family. Or people who want to catch their dream by studying abroad must sacrifice their career and family.

People must decide. No compromise.

When people were questioned and given some options regarding their own life, they tend to make the easiest decision for themselves because they can’t ignore it. They have to choose.

Hard decision, isn’t it? But believe me, this will make us better. Making hard decision will test our thoughts, maturity, also quality. It will make us a better person day by day, decision by decision.

Life is full of mistery.

People said it. We can’t stay straight in our life. There must be time when we are off that straight path. But we must face it. Embrace it. Fight it. Don’t run from it. In order to see the life’s greatness.

So, when we faced with several options and we must pick one of it to proceed to next step of our life we must think about it carefully, not rushed and clearly.

  • Think about the consequences of each options.
  • Think about the benefits of each options.
  • Think about the cons of each options. Also the sacrifice we have to make.

After considering these three things from each options, we decide which one is fit to us. Once we decide, we must go on with that decision and can’t be frustrated when it’s not going based on our prediction. Instead of frustrated we can think it as a lesson so we can make a better decision next time.

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