Is Being Consistent Important?

To me, being consistent is doing anything with the same exact rhythm every time. But we are human, we are not perfect. We made mistakes. We can’t do same exact thing every time. But we can reduce mistakes we made by trying to be consistent.

Being consistent needs practice. Start with the small thing, our sleeping time. Stay awake too late is not good for our health. So if we consistently trying to avoid that habit, we are sure that we can stay healthy more than we got sick. But we can’t do that instantly. We just need to do that slowly until we are accustomed to it.

Yes, it’s just a sample. There are many things that can be improved by being consistent, not just stay healthy. For example, pretend that we’re working in a company. We can stay focused to do the work if we reduce the distraction that come to haunt us. Just think that we need to work and forget the others until our work time are over (we can take a note of it if we don’t want to forget it permanently). Distractions are not come only from ourselves. It can come from another people. Reducing that means we have to sort the priority of the things that we had to do. For example, someone ask us to help him/her to do something that only us can do. But you need to take care of something that cannot be delayed by any means. You need to make decision here. If you can’t help right now just say it. Say the reason if he/she asks.

Staying consistent can make you do the task or work with minimal mistakes because basically you just do that same thing every time. Once it was consistent enough you can say good bye to mistakes.