If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.
How We Screw Up the Idea of Financial Abundance
Jane Hwangbo

I absolutely agree with this.

Especially in India, where other things take priority every minute of the day because of the yearning for attachemnt towards all things material.

I’ve stopped thinking about how to spend money, I just prioritize my work, ethics involved with it and how can I add value for my workers and colleagues. This is the only way forward for our generation.

The spending happens on experiences that I want to cherish for My life with my family and friends.

Probably most of us who turn 40, start thinking this way, I’m not sure. But I know this is what gives me that satisfaction, thinking I’ve done something useful for people around me.

The generation before us, our fathers and mothers had different priorities, not to say that they were wrong. But, probably so much has been sucked out of this world (the planet and its resources, financial and real) it’s probably time to give some back. Each and every one of us owe to each other. Period!

Anyways, keep writing these beautiful pieces. You have a fan in me! ☺

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