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In this tutorial, we will deploy a MongoDB sharded cluster in AWS. You can try this tutorial to deploy sharded cluster into any cloud with a little change.

Currently, as per MongoDB guidelines you need 3 nodes as config server replica set, at least 3 shard nodes where each node is 3 member replica set and one or more mongos server.

According to the official documentation, we need to have below infrastructure:

  1. 3 AWS EC2 instances for config servers (3 Node replica set)
  2. 9 AWS EC2 Instances for the deployment of 3 shards where each shard has a replica set…


Git tools are valuable tools for tracking problems and efficiency and contribution to project by team and self. Iterate each change and figure out a breakup and nonoptimized codes at earliest

Below I will be sharing 5 tools which can be used to manage git (Bitbucket/Github)

1. Gitkraken

OS: Windows/Linux/Mac

Tool Type: Paid

It’s a paid tool for private repositories. You can manage public repositories with certain limited features.


  1. Single-shot view on the right side with direct access to each branch
  2. Single review for all remotes added and per remote, you can view each branch
  3. It also highlights branch commit…


We are going to build an alarm clock app using AlpineJs. It's a simple web app where we will be creating alarms and managing them using Alpinejs. We will not be working with any server API's its purely a frontend app using plain javascript and Html

Project Structure

As you can see we have created a folder with the project name alarm_clock_alpinejs.

We have created index.html and placed alarm_sound.mp3 in root project and an alarm.js in the js directory

Technology Description

Alpinejs is a microframework to say precisely. It does provide and functionality of React/Vue in a very simple way. …


We will create AI enabled youtube playlist manager. We will implement two ML model (NER/Toxicity) and try to use both models in our youtube playlist manager application.


We will use react, Bootstrap, Google API’s, Tensflowjs model to create playlist manager

Make sure you have latest NodeJs version installed. I have use

We won’t be using any backend api’s . We will directly use Google and Tensorflow-api from frontend.

Basic Setup


  1. Create a sample react app. Make sure you are using latest NodeJs version.
  2. React App → npx create-react-app youtube_playlist_manager
  3. You need to install create-react-app globally using npm install -g create-react-app


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