Don’t Things & Do Things in Goa

Goa during December and January every year is nothing short of a great migration. People from not only India but from all over the world flock in, in huge numbers to this little paradise on earth called Goa. Now, one always has to be careful while traveling and make sure you enjoy safely while you enjoy your trip. So here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for you so that you have an amazing, exciting yet a safe and secure time in Goa this year-

Must Do Things in Goa :

1. Do drive/bike around Goa

The best ways to discover any cities is to travel across it by food. But because of the sole expanse of Goa, it is better to discover this wonderful place in a rented car or scooter or a bike. Goa is divided into North Goa and South Goa and both the places as just as much interesting to explore. The old Goa which is an area where you can see old Portuguese houses and culture is something you must experience. Goa is a place that is best explored on a scooter or a bike. They are inexpensive and easy to ride and you can skip traffic jams too!

2. Do try new food whenever possible

Don’t be afraid to put any new dish that looks appetizing into your mouth without thinking much. A lot of people are always weary of sea-food for it’s quality. But rest assured, Goa is one place where you can be sure to get the best quality sea-food. And not only that, due to Goa being a beautiful mélange of Konkani and Portuguese culture, you can actually try foodstuffs from both the cultures. A Konkani pompfret fry tastes just as great as a Portuguese chicken xacuti. Be open-minded about food and experiment.

3. Do respect the other tourists in the place

Now, we all know Goa is a tourist hub for people from India and abroad alike. So one can definitely expect people from European countries, from USA, Australia etc. to be there. These people are very open-minded and they wear bikinis and short clothes in Goa. Because it is such a rare thing for us, we tend to stare at them. This is extremely uncomfortable for them and is like invading their privacy. We should respect them as tourists and behave with them the way you would like to be behaved with.

4. Goa Wildlife & Enjoy it

Goa has wildlife much more exciting than its nightlife! The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park have animals like the panther, sloth bear, mouse deer and even barking deer. Then there are 200 species of birds including the Indian great black woodpecker, Malabar pied hornbill, paradise flycatcher, fairy bluebird, emerald dove and kingfisher. This peaceful sanctuary in the foothills of the Western Ghats (known as Sahyadri in Konkani) can be visited from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on all days

5. Goa Ingo Market

Once upon a not so long time ago, a German named Ingo set up this new market on a leased property. Fondly known as Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar, this market in Arpora is on for about six months of winter and presents a potpourri of junk jewellery, imported T-shirts, hippie merchandise, Indian and global cuisine from Rajasthan and Kashmir to Turkey, Spain and the rest of Europe! For non-shoppers, Daniel’s Bar often sees a DJ playing there, for the market. Even without this, music plays throughout the day and gets groovier by the night, say around 11 pm.

6. Dolphin Cruise

The dolphins are a way better sight in reality than on Animal Planet! A dolphin cruise in Goa is therefore exciting for the old and the young alike. Dolphins pepping out of the sea around your boat in a graceful motion is best savoured by eye and saved on camera. The dolphin cruise trip is flanked with a day-long tour of Grand Island, ideal for a peaceful picnic.

7. Goa Naval Museum

While ‘museum’ is a monotonous word for some, it has a new meaning in Goa. A congregation of Hindu artefacts in a Portuguese-cum-colonial setup with stories of two worlds make these museums quite different than our usual perception. For instance, The Archaeological Museum of Old Goa has some Hindu relics and bronze statues of two famous Portuguese men set amidst the robust Portuguese architecture. There are many more museums worth visiting in Old Goa like The Naval Aviation Museum and Institute Menezes Braganza.

8.Mum’s Kitchen:

This restaurant in Panjim, the capital of Goa, offers Portuguese and Goan cuisine in a finger-licking blend. The rawa mussel fry is spicy and delicious. One good thing about Mum’s Kitchen is the variety of healthy vegetarian dishes on the menu. After a scrumptious meal, head to downtown area to pick up souvenirs like cashews and footwear, and enjoy a good night’s sleep at one of these hotels in Panjim.

9.Baga beach

At the beginning of Baga Beach is St. Anthony’s bar, restaurant and shack. Once the sun sets behind the sea, this place gets livelier by the minute. Picture this, tables with candle-lamps and beach chairs by the water with live music or karaoke performances in the background. The delicious seafood or vegetarian dishes wash down well with anything from local beer to wine. Another indulgence at St. Anthony’s is the flavoured hookah, which can get stronger and naughtier with vodka inside it! Adjacent to St. Anthony is Britto’s, another restaurant and shack famed for its food and service. I however have brighter memories of the former.

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10.Spice Plantation in Goa

Spice Plantationin the Ponda area called Sahakari spice plantation and your nostrils will remind you why Europeans came to India! This largest spice farm of the region lets you pluck and taste pepper, bite a Peri Peri (hottest chillies of the world), bathe through an ‘elephant shower’ and feast on a traditional Goan lunch cooked with farm spices. While not many visit spice gardens plantations in Goa, those who do, praise them no less than the beaches.

Must Don’t things in Goa :

1.Do not drive without a appropriate license

Having stated that one of the vital excellent approaches to discover Goa is on a bike or scooter, one must not get overwhelmed by means of the inspiration and ride them with no need a proper license. You must be of the authorized age to pressure or trip a two-wheeler. Global vacationers will have to have an global riding license. Additionally, earlier than you appoint a vehicle or a two-wheeler, be certain that all of the elements, peculiarly the brakes, are functioning safely. The last thing you wish to have for your enjoyable-crammed go back and forth is to be wasting money on repairing bikes and automobiles. And final however no longer the least, don’t drink and pressure. Its on your safeguard but in addition for the security of others on the road.

Should you don’t want to experience/drive, that you can decide on the bike Taxis prepaid as you go from the airport or the railway station, they don’t comply with meters or tariff cards so be conscious about it. These, along with the rickshaw wallahs, are recognized for burning a gap for your pocket. As a substitute, employ a motorcycle/4 wheeler for yourself.These will work out less expensive for you!

2.Carrying an excessive amount of money

While you are packing, keep in mind to take the minimum amount of requirements and valuables. If you are in Goa, you couldn’t depart in the back of your money and different valuables in the room; it isn’t reliable. This in turn implies that you all ought to lift round most of it. So, persist with keeping that pockets reliable and don’t go around wearing an excessive amount of of gold/diamonds unnecessarily. The nice choice can be to use the ATM daily.

3. Pointing that camera:

yes sure, i know. All you images enthusiasts available in the market will need to seize these beautiful sunsets, seashores and monuments. However steer clear of clicking pictures of humans that you don’t understand. Which you could provide your friend a thousand new fb profile photographs, however clicking random portraits of humans without their permission is each offensive and unlawful.

4.I like you Goa:

You âre there and also you most likely love the location, I get it. Truthfully, everybody is aware of and will get it, given that who doesn’t love Goa? However, that doesn’t mean that you ought to stroll around and proclaim your love round by means of carrying an really like Goa t-shirt on your complete shuttle there. Goans do not appreciate and to find it very annoying. For those who still feel need enjoyable poked at you then go forward and placed on any such.

5.Don’t let strangers combine your drink

Goa is a first-class situation to fulfill new individuals. Many friendships are created here over a glass of beer in a seaside shack or a cup of coffee in a cafe. However you have to be careful sufficient to not let strangers mix your drinks. No longer each person is dangerous, but now not every body is just right either. So, when in a dance membership be definite that you’re the one who’s ordering your drinks and the one who’s accumulating them from a bar. It is normally better to be trustworthy than to be sorry.

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6.Being Superman:

Goa is famous for its exciting water physical activities and in the event you âre into that style of factor then it happens to be the ideal situation for you, at the least in India. However all these physical games do not come without a hazard. So, in the event you âre planning to take pleasure in say probably the likes of surfing or parasailing, be certain you get a legitimate trainer to support you go about it. Don’t try being a false superhero. That âll just land you within the hospital ward.

7.Overdoing it

There’s no dearth of alcohol and events in this metropolis. And, its no longer just alcohol, it is low-priced alcohol. So, of direction, you should social gathering hard and get wasted; however do it responsibly. You don’t want to lose your head and get right into a tiff with the locals since they gained’t take kindly to it. You also don’t wish to be using or lying on the seaside sloshed and get into hindrance with the cops or for that matter, the crabs.


Goa is filled with shores, so most likely there are going to be people jogging round within the skimpiest of garments. But that does not give you the license to take a seat on the seaside and gawk at folks with that hungry, just about creepy appear for your eyes. Sure, admiring is not mistaken. But take a peek and let it go! You do not need to come back off throughout because the rude, invasive kinds. Nobody likes being watched continuously, so take the hint!

9.Sleep on beach :

Except you wish to have to wake up with snappers and crabs placing to your you-comprehend-what and all over else, do not SLEEP ON THE seaside! Regardless of how romantic it feels at night time, mornings could be pretty horrible.


The shores right here in Goa are cherished for the white sand and beautiful, pristine waters. But enter a random staff of men and women who leave those beer bottles on the seashore alongside wrappers of all different types of matters. Do not do that. Littering or spitting on this lovely metropolis simply hurts, each physically and mentally. Don’t break those beaches for different men and women.