What is Gig Economy & Should we take it seriously?

The ‘gig economy’ has emerged speedily as a kind of service delivery that challenges existing business models, labor-management practices, and rules. The ways that within which platform firms interact with staff, above all, has created a burgeoning public interest, however, has nonetheless to convey rise to a corresponding educational literature. During this paper, we tend to raise whether or not the gig economy deserves to be an issue of employment relations scholarship, given its current dimensions and certain future. We tend to argue that educational analysis is required, to raised perceive the facility dynamics operational among the gig economy and the way these are testing existing norms and establishments.

We tend to discuss 2 mains ways in which employment relations researchers will expand their theoretical repertoires and, in doing, therefore, improve the proof of gig-based operating arrangements. We start to sketch the outlines of a scientific analysis agenda, by elaborating indicative queries that require addressing to advance understanding of ‘gig work relations’. We caution, however, that educational associates of the gig economy mustn’t be predicated on an expectation that it’s the long run of labor. Variety of economic, industrial and political factors threaten to slow or halt the gig economy’s growth.

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