Blockchain Interview Questions

Rakesh Krishnan
2 min readFeb 2, 2018

Today I faced an interview for a blockchain architect position from one reputed information technology services company. This was my first blockchain architect interview. They were looking for technical and architectural experience to drive architecture, design and implementation of blockchain technology projects for their fortune 500 clients.

Deep knowledge in Hyperledger, Ethereum and Ripple were mandatory. So, make sure you do your homework to get the concepts right and learn the pros/cons on various of these implementations.

So here are the questions I was asked during this hour long interview:

  1. What is Docker and tell me about your experience working with Docker. How is Docker different from Hypervisors?
  2. Orchestrating Network Service ?
  3. Tell me how Ordering Service in Hyperledger Fabric works ?
  4. Responsibility of nodes in blockchain.
  5. World state related concepts.
  6. Awareness of 2 Generals’ problem
  7. Go programming fundamentals and experience.
  8. Byzantine Fault Tolerance.
  9. Proof of elapsed time vs proof of stake. Pro and Cons in both of them
  10. What is Smart Contract ?
  11. Tell about a Smart Contract’s life cycle ?
  12. Have you coded any Smart Contracts ? Smart Contract implementations ?
  13. What are Microservices ?
  14. Working Knowledge on Apache Kafka ?
  15. Other Programming Languages known ?
  16. Django and Flask framework — knowledge and experience.

You can see a bit of diversity in these questions asked. Maybe then they had Client’s implementation architecture landscape in mind. You will see a lot of these positions opening up soon, where they can see good use cases of leveraging blockchain technology.

I would say some consistent reading and getting a good grasp in understanding the foundations would be the way to get started. Not to mention playing around some fun blockchain use cases and some POCs’ would help.

Good luck to all those preparing for blockchain interviews !