The 5 Biggest Mistakes while doing Crossfit.

Mistakes while doing Crossfit — Part 1

Little did they know that the Crossfit become one of the sports in the fastest growing in the world. Today there are over 13,000 gyms associated Crossfit (also called “boxes”) in 142 countries on 7 continents. With such statistics, we can say safe to say that Crossfit is here to stay. This fitness routine that combines functional movements with Olympic weightlifting has received a reputation for being pretty hardcore, even dangerous. Despite its popularity, there are some common mistakes that we must avoid in order to minimize the risks while performing CrossFit.

1. Do not start small

When you start Crossfit for the first time, it is important to build a solid foundation to improve your skills. Whether you pass a fitness routine or you consider yourself an athletic person, it remains important. It is understandable that people want to start from the ground; after all, trying something new is always exciting enough, but without taking the time to know the functional basic movements of Crossfit, you could injure yourself and do long-term damage. Most Crossfit gyms offer a variety of courses for beginners where participants can learn the basics before participating in regular classes. Take advantage of these, even if you feel they are too easy for you.

2. Ignore warming

The warm-up is one of the most important parts of a campaign, and skipping this part means an open invitation to injury in fitness. When your muscles are properly warmed up and stretched, blood flow is increased to allow them to function to the best of their ability. Many CrossFitters forget the importance of a proper warm-up. The reason may be a late arrival to the gym or an impatience to embark on training instead performing the full routine. The thing is that there is no reason to ignore this crucial warm-up pre-workout.

3. Prioritize the rehearsal on technique

Athletes looking to establish personal records generally forget the technique when doing reps or lift weights. The first step when you set up your bases of Crossfit is to focus on form and develop your technique. This is one of the best ways to ensure your safety and protect against injury during your workout. Unfortunately, this fact is often forgotten and you get to see the land raised with the round back, bending on the leg with sagging knees and other techniques sacrifices. We know that Crossfit has a competitive nature and that it encourages you to push your limits, but above all, there is nothing more important that proper technique.

4. Do not take into account your abilities

While Crossfit is an intense workout and a physical challenge, always adapt your routine to your personal abilities. Everyone moves differently and has its own limitations, and fail to adapt routines to your personal skills is the best way to hurt quickly. Do not let pride get in your way, remember that it is always possible (and encouraged) to modify the exercise to reduce weight or reduce the range of motion.

5. Exaggerate

You may have heard the saying “The first rule of Crossfit is to always talk about Crossfit,” which shows the enthusiasm that CrossFitters show to their sport. It’s no secret that practitioners Crossfit are passionate and that this training can be quite addictive. But, this can force people to exaggerate and to train too. We all have different limits, and the routine of another Crossfitter might not suit you. If you become irritable, have trouble sleeping, notice a change in appetite or a plateau in your performance, you could exaggerate. Your body needs time to recover, so be sure to schedule free days each week to let him rest.

There are a few more mistakes that a crossfitter commits while performing. In my next article, I will talk about those. Please keep reading and keep performing CrossFit. Stay healthy and Play safe.

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