Amazon Interview Experience | Set 392 (For SDE 2)

Telephonic Round:
Q1: Question was a little tricky one but finally it was converted to Next greater Element
Q2: Given a Singly Linked list, Update the second half of the list such that n-th element becomes sum(1st + nth) element, (n-1)st element becomes sum(2nd + n-1st) element and so on. Eg: 2->3->4->5->6 => 2->3->(4+4)->(5+3)->(6+2)

Face to Face Interview:
Round 1:
Q1: Design the payment module of the Uber App.

Round 2:
Q1: Design Memory Management System and tell about all the data structures you will use and why. How will you allocate and deallocate the memory using those data structure and Time & Space complexity of the operations.
Q2: Given an array of words, print all anagrams together in the output array.

Round 3:
Discussion about the projects worked in previous company and how did you handle certain situation occurred while working on the project.

Round 4:
Q1: You are provided with different Excel files and the data format those files contain. You are also provided with low level parser. You have to design a system which takes the excel file and its data type as the input and returns the list of Data objects in the file.

Round 5:
Discussion about project in previous company.
Q1: Design multiplayer generic board game (like chess or ludo)
Q2: You are provided with 2D char array. You have to provide the 2D char array as response which contains the multiplication od the input array. For eg: input=> {{a,b},{c,d}}, output => {{a,c},{a,d},{b,c},{b,d}}

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