Digital Marketing — Do it right when scaling Business

After long years working in digital marketing, I always thought I should let the world know my perspective on how digital marketing should be configured and get ideas from outside if something interesting is happening outside.

1 . Getting the right key people : If you an manager or cofounder, looking for key people is not that easy. But if you follow this simple step you could bulid the the best team. Look for people who have good excel knowledge, looking for people who has hands on experience in digital, working on Analytical tools . Every manager, who is passionate about digital will still want to execute the campaigns as interfaces, technologies change day by day, month by month. Some people ask me why dont you get a guy from harvard or who has other experience on digital marketing, My answer is yes you should but if you planning to shred tons of dollors to make this individual learn digital marketing and tools. Anyone who comes with non-digital marketing experience either spends the two months on reading or Google “what is SEM”, “What is CPI”, “Top 10 ways to improve conversion rate”. I did this myself.

2. Tracking : Tracking is very key for digital marketing, dont spend any money if you have no clue on tracking (unless if you want to fire in the dark and get few chickens by luck) . You need to undertand where your money is going such as which channel/what audience /what bid etc. If you have a analytics person in the team who know how to implement these tools and testing. You are in the best spot.

3 . Reporting : Hire a developer and sql specialist, who can help you pull and visualize the data . These guys would ease your work and have this data everyday automatically through APIs

4 : KPIs : If your business is new, KPIs will be tough but the beauty of tracking in digital marketing will help you define what KPIs you should looks and how it has impact to your business