I have been through this experience quite often, that, I felt embraced of being an adult. Not because of my deeds or thoughts, but someone else had named something vulgar as ‘Adult Content’.

The question is why the word ‘Adult' should be used for some filthy garbage? Before going further with my opinion, let us find out what is the expert says about the definition of an Adult. According to Oxford Dictionary Adult means ---- 'A person who is fully grown or developed.'

There is no word as vulgar or vulgarity in this definition. Since some vulgar people call their stinking thought or contents as 'Adult content', it doesn't mean that we should start accepting that Adult and Vulgar are synonymous

Adulthood is the time of someone’s life when they feel the strength within themselves at it’s peek, whether it is mental or physical. So,
1. Being an adult means not only enjoying the rights but also taking the responsibilities.
2. Being an adult means not depending on anybody for pocket money anymore, but earning it.
3. Being an adult means taking care of kids around and protecting them from evil people and evil thoughts.
4. Being an adult means being affectionate towards the elderly people and spending times with them.
5. Being an adult means using the knowledge gained so far at it’s best for the society.
6. Being an adult means having a clear view on the current issues of society, nation and the world and so getting the right to choose the government of your country.
7. Being an adult means giving back to the society.

Yes, only after being an adult one is allowed to get intimate with their partner, but, it is a part of life not the whole life itself. People don’t get only intimate with their partner,but the cherish the memories bof past, enjoy the present and plan for the future too. Also, Intimacy is not at all similar to vulgarity.

It is very much the demand of the time that we must oppose the use of the word Adult as a symbol of vulgar, rotten and contaminated feeds in entertainment.



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Rakhi Roy

Rakhi Roy

Writing the travel diary of the journey called, life.