How to Sweeten the Bond with Delicious Sweets on Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan, a significant day that celebrates the pure relationship and bond of brother and sister and is celebrated all over in India with great zeal and happiness. There are various rituals that convey this festival in more enchanted way. Decoration of Rakhi thali with sweets is also one of the major rituals of Raksha Bandhan that will make this festival a luscious event to celebrate, as festival in India is incomplete without the pleasure of delicious sweets.
People living abroad usually fail to experience the luscious taste of different types of sweets available on Raksha Bandhan. To make your loving brother and sister delighted on this festival, you can take help of many online Rakhi portals that provide the options like send Rakhi to UK from USA, send Rakhi from India to USA and many more. Not only Rakhi threads, they also provide the delivery of Rakhi with sweets and Rakhi with Dry fruits and give an essence of Indian food to your long distant brother and sister.

Below are top 5 Rakhi sweet ideas that you can simply make in your home as well as easy available on any online portals:

1. Kaju Katli
This is one of the famous sweets that are made up of cashews and is one of the most famous delicacies of every Indian home. On this Raksha Bandhan, greet your brother with this sweet and luscious gesture and taste of love that will not only make his day sweet, but will also prove nutritious for health. You can see this sweet on most of the portals along with Rakhi and Rakhi gifts.( Grab this sweet from reliable portal and send it to your brother who is waiting for your delicious affection. Make sure that the portal you are choosing provide fresh sweets.

2. Milk Cakes or Kalakand
It’s a quick made sweet that can save both time and energy of yours. As per its taste and beauty, this sweet has an ability to make this festival equally worth praising as milk cakes. Sending this sweet with adorable Rakhi thread will definitely make your brother feel lucky to have a sister like you in his life. Make this Raksha Bandhan an enchanting one with this lip-smacking sweet.

3. Gulab Jamun
Your brother must be craving for this one right now; Gulab Jamun is one of the delicious sweets that are loved by almost everyone. I personally not find anyone who doesn’t like this sweet. Even in normal days, local shops and portals are flooded with this sweet, so imagine the popularity of this sweet during festive seasons. Send a pack of Gulab Jamun to your brother and make him happy for the whole day.

4. Mathura Peda
Famous Mathura Peda is one of the simple yet delectable sweet that will be surely liked by your brother and he will love to eat this Peda remembering you on this special day. Mathura itself is a special and fortunate city that fully goes with the aura of this auspicious festival. Send this delightful and enchanting flavour of sweet with divine Rakhi thread and let your brother be blessed with the heavenly feeling of this carnival.

5. Phirni
Power of dessert will never fail to make any festival full of delicious taste and when it comes to Raksha Bandhan, sweets are necessary to be added. This particular liquid dessert called ‘Phirni’ looks so delicious that no one can ever deny eating this popular dessert on festive occasions like Raksha Bandhan. Imagine a pleasant smile on your brother’s face, when he will drink this mouth-watering dessert in a stylish glass tying your love-laden Rakhi on his wrist.

So, on this Raksha Bandhan, indulge your beloved brother and sister in some sweet affair that will not only give a delightful pleasure to your mouth, but will also add some sweet essence in this already pure and sugary festival of love and happiness associated with brother and sister. These all delicious sweets with designer and sacred online Rakhi threads can be easily sent by any reliable portals like that provide varieties of thoughtful Rakhi gifts and beautiful. Here, you can also find an assortment of choices for Rakhi combos, hampers and Rakhi return gifs, to make your sisters and brothers with love.

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