Is there anything better than the unconditional bond of Brother and Sister?

The bond of brother and sister cannot be measured or quantified. It’s far beyond the realms of formal relationships which we see all around us. India is a land of sacred festivals and religions. Here each and every festival is celebrated with joyous and a pampering zeal. Festivals are great way to meet our near and dear ones irrespective of where they are. Rakhi is one such festival of India which strengthens the bond of brother and sister. There are different Rakhi for brother, some fancy some non-fancy. All the sisters start shopping one week before the festival to gift and select the best rakhi for your brother.

As per the Indian tradition sister brings Rakhi at brother’s house to tie him the sacred thread called as rakhi. In return of this favor the brother promises to protect her sister from any danger or hindrance. The sacred thread of rakhi tied on the brother’s wrist ensures that he will take care of his sister under every circumstance. Before fifteen days of Rakhi the market starts getting flooded with various kinds of Rakhi. Rakhi is not only constrained to brotherhood, but more. When the brother gets married then the sister ties Rakhi to his wife too (sister in law) and also to his children. The market has expanded drastically. If by any chance you happen to visit the walled city area of Jaipur you will see beautiful attractive rakhis dangling in front of stores

When the bond begins — you aren’t notified, its something which you feel from the core of your heart. It’s simply pure affection and care, you can’t analyze it or ever weigh it, if you do, then you’re at fault.

Having to experience these emotions make you feel utterly blessed to bring a Rakhi for your brother. On the other hand as a brother you get yourself a soft spot, a real soft spot. As a brother you start becoming caring, kind, sensible, mature, disciplined, mannered, classy and all kinds of ideal human being.

Benefits of having a lovable Sister

A Rakhi for brother is far beyond any relationship or bond. Here are some of the benefits of having a sister. You can anytime go to her and confess your feelings . Sometimes you fight with your family and you can go to her and talk about it, she’ll tell you what went wrong how you should become more responsible person. You get that someone to shower all your excessive admiration on. Being a brother you get someone to pamper all your life and care for at every aspect which is your duty and undoubtedly it’s the best part. You get extra conscious about other girls you see because every time you see or think something unusual, a question pops up into your mind “what if this happens to my sister”. So in a way having a sister helps you turn into a better human being.

Since guys aren’t as expressive as girls and are impulsive-you keep some things to yourself but those can be shared with your sister. You get angry when you’re with her and you see guys looking at her or anyone for that matter. No matter how much you fight with her at home but when a third person says anything about her it gets you quite aggressive. Sometimes you hate such people so much that you feel like making their eyeballs swell. Sometimes you over expect from her more than a sibling and try to learn the gap. You may not be as important to her as she is to you but it doesn’t mean the bond is fading. She’s precious piece of your heart and you’re her armor. She doesn’t always need you, but you should always respect her in life decisions.

So if you have a sister/brother consider yourself a lucky human being and try to cherish this bond for lifetime. Don’t just protect her but try and respect her and be there for them. There is no bigger happiness than getting pampered by your loved ones.

Celebrate the joyous festival of rakhi to strengthen this bond of love. Hence rakhi festival is not only important for sister, but brothers as well.

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