7 Gorgeous Looking Rakhi to Decorate the Hand of Your Punjab Based Brother

The festival of Raksha Bandhan that celebrates the precious bond and supreme love of brother and sister is coming soon. This historic event is a moment observed to strengthen and revive the relationship of siblings. In many ways Raksha Bandhan brings to live the old good memories and make everyone happy. This festival falls in the Hindu month of shravan on full moon day. This year the festival is on 18thAugust.

If your brother who stays in Punjab won’t be coming home on Raksha Bandhan then what you can probably do is Send Rakhi to Punjab to make him feel loved and remembered. You can bring joy and smile on the face of your brother by surprising him with astonishing range of online Rakhi that are procurable via Rakhi.in such as Designer Rakhi Online ( www.rakhi.in/designer-rakhi.html )or you can also Buy Silver Rakhi.

Rakhi or thread used on this festival is not only significant but also considered ritual. With times the look and pattern of the thread has undergone formidable changes. Now, you can see various modern and stylish looking Rakhi that has taken the market by surprise. To make the festival more vibrant and exciting Rakhi.in has launched an elegant range of Rakhi collection such as:

  1. Designer Rakhi for your dear brother in Punjab: Make this oncoming festival special for your dear brother residing in Punjab by sending sophisticated and stylish looking designer Rakhi. This artistically designed Rakhi is one of the most beautiful types that can be found in varieties of designs, patterns and styles. This Rakhi is also known as the improved and enhanced rendition of traditional Rakhi. If you are looking for stylish and popular type then this Rakhi will be the right choice for you.

2. Silver Rakhi for your beloved brother in Punjab: You can also revitalize the bonding and relationship with your brother on this oncoming festival with glistering silver Rakhi. This Rakhi with a clear touch of modernity and style has outclasses the other types when it comes to look and appearance. Dazzling silver with its grand and impressive look has the potential of creating a feeling of royalty upon wearing them. Ignite the feeling of specialness in your sibling’s heart with silver Rakhi.

3. Bracelet Rakhi for your adorable brother in Punjab: One of the best ways to bring out a special feeling is sending attractive and good-looking bracelet Rakhi. This Rakhi will surely elate your brother living in Punjab. Bracelet is liked by men and in particular young boys. You can also get hold of bracelet Rakhi made from unique metals, steel or copper in different shapes and style. This piece of alluring Rakhi can be used as accessory also.

4. Fancy Rakhi for your darling brother in Punjab: Fancy Rakhi with its modern touch and in-trend styles is among the most demanding types of Rakhi at this point of time. This Rakhi can be found in varieties of fascinating designs, patterns and styles. Fancy Rakhi easily attract the attention of many buyers and senders. Your brother living in Punjab will be so happy to wear this attractive piece of Rakhi.

5. Divine Rakhi for your religious brother in Punjab: You can also wish your dear brother happy Raksha Bandhan by sending divine Rakhi on this advancing festival. This Rakhi with a touch of spirituality can create a feeling of being protected and cared. You can always bring to live the spiritual side of this festival through this divine Rakhi found in the image of various gods and goddesses.

6. Kids Rakhi for your adorable little brother: express your feelings of affection to your little brother by surprising him with colourful and cute Rakhi. Kids love receiving things from others and this kind gesture of yours will surely make him feel so happy. Kids Rakhi are consist of Mickey Mouse Rakhi, tom & jerry Rakhi, angry bird Rakhi, spiderman Rakhi, ben 10 Rakhi, and many others.

7. Rakhi sets for your caring brother in Punjab: To meet the requirement and for the convenient of people with larger siblings, this site has come up with varieties of exquisite online Rakhi sets. Sets such as set of 2, set of 3 Rakhi, set of 4 Rakhi, set of 5 Rakhi, etc. depending on the number of siblings you have you can select the perfect range for your siblings.
You can also add Rakhi with delectable sweets, Rakhi with mouth-watering chocolates, Rakhi with fresh flowers, Rakhi with delicious fruits, Rakhi with meaningful cards, etc. Log on to www.rakhi.in and get the best range of online Rakhi for this upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival.

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