Android Barcode Scanner S2 Plus Used In High-intensity Harsh Environment

S2 Plus android barcode scanner based on S2 PDA scanner, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade on the function and performance.S2 plus can better meet the needs of multi-directional customers.

S2 plus PDA scanner has 5.0-inch high-definition screen and multi-touch capacitive screen; Support one-dimensional / two-dimensional bar code scanning, NFC and other functions; dual card dual standby, 4G network communication,to meet different network formats,dual WIFI better performance; GPS and Big Dipper Positioning, flexible choice; large capacity battery, standby time longer and has a professional barcode scanner module, S2 plus IP68 high protection industrial design, battery capacity of 5200mAh.S2 plus android barcode scanner can better adapt harsh environment. The traditional industry terminals and the advantages of ordinary mobile phone into one,can be adapted to all types of industry market.

Small, powerful, portability strong. S2 android barcode scanner support gloves and wet hands touch to adapt the operation of mobile application.In the handheld PDA scanner’s industry,S2 Plus has a product competitive advantage.

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