Application of 2d Scanning Module of Mobile Phone in Intelligent Access Control System

Residents go out will take the district door “access card”, the unit door “key”, their home door “key” … … every time you have forgotten keys, you are bound to ask the family or as first registration visitors in the property and confirm the identity borrow “access card”, then enter the district … … These are the traditional residential resident’s access to the common trouble.

Today, Shenzhen Rakinda and intelligent access control software, access control terminal production manufacturers together launched a two-dimensional code intelligent access control system to help the district to achieve intelligent access control, as long as swept away the two-dimensional code to smooth entry. According to reports, the program to 4500 series embedded mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning head with intelligent access control system cut into the residential property security system, set up intelligent community personnel access to large data monitoring platform, so as to completely solve the user security concerns.

intelligent access control

Two — dimensional code intelligent access control system structures
1, the property side: intelligent community access control (residential entrance, unit floor access control, owner home access control) all-around access system intelligent access control software, community residents through the download mobile client software for real-name authentication, property with certification identity, certification success, You can get the district smart access control APP access.

2, access control: the district entrance channel gates, unit floor, and homeowner access control terminal, are embedded 4500 series mobile phone two-dimensional code scanning head, for the residents of the integrated mobile phone “sweep open the door” function services.

LV4500I barcode scanner module

Two-dimensional code intelligent access control system Application:
1, the owner: access control, the owner can access the use of access control APP access dynamic two-dimensional code pass, in the access control terminal scan window brush, verify the success can be achieved from the community door to the unit floor access control.

2, visitors: the owners can be through the WeChat or SMS way to send two-dimensional code pictures to visitors as a temporary electronic access card use. Visitor two-digit open-door authority by the background unified management, such as the effective time, the number of effective settings.

Dimensional code access control management system to meet the needs of residential residents, visitors, but also to achieve the intelligent community access to real-time records for the intelligent community property management to provide large data support to maximize the residents of the floating population access to security concern. With the future of user safety and awareness of the increasing insurance and gradually by the city residents of the widely recognized and attention.

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