Microwave Oven Raspberry Pi Barcode Scanner Intelligent Heating

Microwave oven is a very convenient modern kitchen appliances, raspberry pi barcode scanner module is a very practical intelligent core hardware.A breakthrough embedded fusion to create a smart barcode scanner microwave oven.So, what is the difference between barcode scanner microwave oven and the traditional microwave oven?

The traditional microwave oven requires the user to set the cooking parameters according to their own subjective judgment (food, quantity, weight, frozen status,etc.).On the contrary, without people need to set the cooking parameters for raspberry pi barcode scanner microwave oven, its settings and timing work by the microwave oven’s intelligent system to complete.

Intelligent microwave fusion scanning barcodes identification, data transmission function.Through microwave oven scanning the barcode on the food packaging, automatically match the food pre-set the best time and firepower, and issued a directive for the microwave oven cooking, so that microwave oven to achieve intelligent, automated.

RAKINDA company supply of “LV3096” two-dimensional small raspberry pi barcode scanner module for intelligent small furniture.Compact size, the use of advanced decoding chip, reading performance and suitable for the smart coffee machine, intelligent microwave oven, intelligent bread machine.

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