10 Games That Make Me Remember my Childhood

Hey Guys, Meet again with me in new section.

This time I want to tell you about my game’s history from my first game till now.

Okay, Let’s check this out :

1. Contra

Contra is an adventure game with fps system that run in Nintendo and published by Konami.

Contra has a very simple gameplay yet interesting to play. I played this game when I were still 5 years old. the objective of this game is to kill every enemy without getting killed and continued to the next stage.

As you can see the graphic of this game is still rough if we compare to current game, but even the graphic looks like that, without fail, i can still clearly say that this game is a very interesting game.

2. Megaman Series

Megaman is an adventure game with “Get new Skill When you kill the boss” plotted. As you can see from the premise, for me that game fill my daily life when i’m still 7 years old until mid of my 8 years old.

this game run in playstation 1. this game have a lot of series and every series have their own main character and story that make this game interesting and worth to played it till the end.

all of the main Character of every series

3. Twisted Metal Series.

Twisted Metal Series is a game where you played it as a battle car to destroy and survive every challenge and for every challenge you will face the boss for that stage. what make this game interesting is you can challenge the boss together with your friend or do a multiplayer battle. from what i now, until this time… this game is still launched a new series and the boss become more massive.

4. Digimon World 4

Digimon World 4 or DW 4 is game based from Digimon franchised in Japan. this game is different from another Digimon Game that battle directly as the movie. this game use a system like MMORPG. not only that, what make this game interesting is you can search for your character evolution and unlock every weapon you like and evolve your weapon. this game runs in Playstation 2.

5. Tibia.me

For me this is my first game online on my Phone when I’m 12 years old around 2009. this game is a very simple game with RPG type and very standar gameplay with rough design art, but this game is great since when i were kid, this is the only online game that time that i can play it with my friend.

6. Counter Strike

Counter Strike. I bet that you who read my topic already grasped when you hear the name of this game. I think this is a very cool FPS that i ever play in the computer before Point blank and cross fire come to this world. this game run in PC.

7. Point blank

Point Blank or PB is the first online FPS game that i ever played. this game come to me in 2010. this game make you battle like a veteran soldier and you can choose your side, terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. the objective is of course to beat your enemy ass to a pulp and be a professional hunter.

8. Dota

This is the longest game i ever played. i played this game from 2012 until 2015. i played this game with my friend for fun. i really love this game since its make me really hyped when i can defeat my friend.

9. Mobile Legend

Mobile legend is a mobile game that have a gameplay like dota and more comfortable for me since i can play it while still rolling in my bed. this game is interesting since i can play it whenever i want.


Every one of us i believe have a game that make you remember what made you days until now. tell you what make you happy when you are alone or beat the game with your friend. that’s why i want to share a game that made my day when i’m still a kid until i’m a little grown up.

So, Can you tell me what game that make you Fun?

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