Post-Lockdown Safety Tips

Beginning from June, lockdown guidelines will be facilitated in many parts of the nation except in places where COVID-19 is harmful. After about more than two months of upheld self-isolation, India is gradually creeping back to its pre-COVID-19 different ways — work environments are ready to take on the world and airlines, transports, taxis and auto-carts are operational once more.

Yet, recall, lockdown is being lifted to forestall further harm to our economy and standardize the work process in the nation, NOT on the grounds that coronavirus has been conquered. It is still everywhere, and anybody can contract it whenever, including you.

We should be aware of a couple of things-

  1. Personal hygiene is essential

Personal hygiene will be an essential part of our daily practice from now on. The uplifting news is cleanliness prevents coronavirus as well as numerous different illnesses too like this season’s flu virus, normal cold, stomach disease, and so on.

So remember to clean your hands with cleanser and water or hand sanitizer much of the time. You must do it after- contacting cab doors, lift buttons, and washroom door handles, and so on.

2. Social distancing

Social distancing keeps on being as significant as could be. Consistently, attempt to keep up 6 feet of separation among you and others.

So whether you are out to buy an essential food item, taking the transport to your office or working nearby a lot of individuals at your work environment, don’t come in closeness with others.

3. Avoid public transport

We understand this would be hard to execute, however buses, trains and metro whenever they will start, probably going to be pressed with individuals and any of them could be contaminated. So, search for alternatives. If your office is genuinely close, WALK! It may appear as though a major ask, yet it would likewise do your health a great deal of favour. You can also take a motorbike or a car to work.

4. Boost your immunity

Another approach to win the war against COVID-19 is by building up your immunity. It’s not that difficult as you think. A couple of herbs, organic products, nuts and vegetables will do the stunt, for example, Tulsi, turmeric, neem, ginger, beets, etc.

All of these nourishments are loaded with antioxidants and have powerful anti-microbial properties.

5. Mask yourself and follow different guidelines

Wearing masks was made compulsory when the lockdown was in power. You should proceed with this security measure. A twofold layered mask offers defence against coronavirus.

Take Away

Post lockdown, don’t expect that life should be similarly as it was previously. You are still to keep away from control zones. Regardless of whether you have family or companions living in such a zone, don’t visit them at this moment.

If you are travelling by flight, train or bus, follow the standards and don’t quit thermal screening.

At this point of time, you have to be more alert and active. It’s better to stay at home, stay safe, and stay healthy. If you have any queries or need any medical assistance, you can visit

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