Kidneys are just fist-sized organs that are located at the bottom of your rib cage, and they perform several functions. Along with other functions, the most important function is to filter excess water, waste products, and other impurities from your bloodstream. After which all these waste products are stored in the bladder and which later excreted through urine.

Plus, the kidneys regulate salt, pH, and potassium levels in your body. The kidneys also help to produce hormones that help in regulating blood pressure and aid in the production of the red blood cells.

The kidneys also help in activating a…

Everyone that is working can feel some amount of stress in their lives. We all live in a fast growing technology where being aware about anything and everything is very important. We all face stress in our lives. It can be due to work or our personal life.

We all have been victims of stress and overworking ourselves. This can seem fun and exciting for the time being but it can be really exhausting and can just make you more stressed in the long run. …

With increasing workload, endless to-do-lists, traffic, relationships, career growth, stress management is a life skill. Yet, most of us fall short of achieving a stress-less life. The first paced lifestyle and social media have added an extra layer of stress. Thus, most of us end up harming both our bodies and mental health without knowledge. In the end, these layers of stress eventually add up to your increasing blood pressure.

But, does all these short-term stress-induced blood pressure add up and have a long-term effect?

It is a question that researchers have still not been able to figure out. However…

After the hot summer in India characterized by hot winds and burning heat, the monsoon season is normally invited by everybody. The monsoon brings a much-awaited relief from the intense summer heat.

Because of the temperature variation and poor functioning of our immune system, numerous diseases can happen.

During the monsoon season, the stale water and the constant rain leads to various diseases carried by mosquitoes. However, if we take proper measures, diseases can be controlled. This way, we can stay safe while enjoying the monsoon. Here is a list of 5 monsoon diseases you ought to be cautious about:

The rainy season carries with it infections that affect nearly everybody. If you have diabetes or know somebody who experiences this condition, then you realize that diabetes management must be done consistently.

Obviously, as the season's change and one need to confront various types of circumstances — celebrations, festivities and various seasons — one needs to deal with the condition in a different way. In this way, during the rainy season, one should be a little careful about the sugar readings and diet, so the condition doesn’t blow up.

So, here are 10 tips for people with diabetes to survive…

Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. Cancer is always named for the part of the body where it starts, even when it spreads to other parts of the body later. Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in women worldwide. The first being breast cancer. The most common cervical cancer symptoms majorly affect the cervix.

The cervix is the thin, lower end of the uterus. The cervix connects the vagina to the upper part of the uterus. The belly or the uterus is the place a child develops when a lady…

High cholesterol leads to many health problems, particularly those related to the heart. Everybody in their thirties and more should go for a routine checkup and should take care of their cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that deposits over the arteries and veins.

Our body needs only some quantity of cholesterol, yet a lot can lead to heart diseases.

This is because excessive amounts of cholesterol react with other substances in the blood and form plaque which sticks to the walls of the arteries. …

A knee replacement is a common surgery that involves replacing a worn-out, damaged or diseased knee joint with an artificial joint. This method can be performed on grown-ups all things considered however, is typically done on patients between the age of 60 and 80 years.

When is a Knee Replacement Surgery Needed?

A knee replacement surgery might be required in situations where the joint’s portability is diminished or while moving the knee turns out to be excessively painful.

Getting ready for a Knee Replacement Surgery

It is essential for patients to remain as healthy and active as possible before undergoing…

The number of COVID-19 cases in India continues to rise each day. As we all know, it’s an airborne disease, and the virus can remain on surfaces for a few hours and sometimes even for days. This is the time it is essential to disinfect any surface where the virus may have also contacted. Looking at the present situation, many of us wonder what needs to be done.

To help you stay safe and healthy, we have made a list of surfaces/things in your homes which need sanitizing every day:

1. Door handles

This is likely the most contacted surface…

Working environments across India have begun continuing operations. Vast numbers of us have just continued our old everyday practice of going to our office. It’s a piece of great news because our drooping economy will get speed.

The virus is as yet wild, and once we begin coming in close contact with others, there will be a danger of us getting contaminated. But, with legitimate safety measures, you can keep COVID-19 under control and protect yourself.

Here are a couple of things all individuals returning to work should do-

1. No social events of any sort

Social distancing is the…

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