Flash Season 4 Theory about Devoe and Reverse Flash Overlukk

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The Mechanic is Gideon”


Hints :

// On season 1 , She said she was created by the flash

// She accepts commands given by the flash

// Her cpu design is futuristic even for cisco knowledge

Part1: After devoe takes the flash’s body , mechanic might suffer some health issue. So that he creates a virtual digital body for her to continue living …calling her gideon.

Part 2: Since gideon creates gideon in a rush ,gideon thinks the flash is her creator and only supports flash’s voice commands everytime

Part 3:In episode” Therefore i am” we see that eobard remembers devoe just by identifying his wife’s name , he then fake complements him..

Part 4: He says “ i am a big fan of your work” ,that means eobard is thanking devoe for creating Gideon …

Part5: Do you know why complements him.. Because if the particle accelerator doesnt create devoe , then he wouldnt create gideon.. so that eobard couldnt take it away from him..

Part 6: Eobards plan was not only to create Flash that night.. but also the creation of his ally …gideon , who shall exist one day in the future

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