The moment of truth

There are days in our lives that force us to think that things can’t get any worse, you doubt your capabilities and feel dejected. The aftermath of such situations is horrifying, when the realization kicks in and you know that finding a way out of it is next to impossible. I would like to share one such phase of my life.

I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree in computer science from a college that is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University. There was hardly anything special or extraordinary happening in my life and I happened to realize that I had reached the pre final year of my graduation and still had no achievements to boast about. I had friends who always talked about things they had been doing over the week, month or year. There I was practically wasting every day in hopelessness. My grades deteriorated and I stopped interacting with people around me since it was so intimidating. Panic and depression kicked in and I knew things were going downhill pretty quickly. I tried to get help online since I really did not want to share my feelings with my family or friends. Nothing seemed to be working out for me.

One fine day I was browsing a bunch of movies I had in my archive and came across “Yes Man”. It was a Jim Carrey movie and who does not like a little laugh, hardly did I know that was going to be a turning point in my life. So I pull out my laptop and snuggle into my bed hoping to get my mind off the chaos I had been in. Half way through the movie I can feel that the moment was meant to exist and I was destined to watch that specific movie at that specific time since I could relate to it so well. It was as if I was watching my life’s story being narrated to me by some well-known guy. As the movie progressed, my eyes glued themselves to the screen and my heart throbbed with excitement. The moment of truth comes by and I see my life crystal clear in front of me. It didn’t take me a second to realize that all the problems I was facing were my own creations and no one else but I was to be blamed for the situation I was in. By the time I got done with the movie I had realized that the next morning is going to be the dawn of a tempest within me that will wash away the lifelessness in me and breathe hope and optimism into me.

It was that day and I still remember crystal clear that I haven’t looked back since then. I held leadership positions in my college for the year to come, volunteered for services whenever I could, went to youth seminars and improved on my grades. I don’t completely credit this to a movie, but to the moment that each of us has that takes our breath away and fills our hearts with hope and optimism for our future.

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Originally published at on March 9, 2015.

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