The selfless warriors

In the fast paced life we live today, we often forget to be thankful and compassionate towards those who selflessly help us out of the hurdles we face in our lives. When we look back and retrospect the moments we felt alone and didn’t know how to keep going in life the names and faces tend to fade from our memory that stood there to make sure we get back on our feet. The surprising and sad part of this is that the ones that give us strength and give us the motivation to keep going are our family members. Nature is designed in a way to facilitate compassion and multiply the fruits that it manifests the more we express it. An unsaid word or an undocumented act of kindness often suffices what our loved ones do to support us when we most need them.

I often believed that its my family’s duty to support and protect me from the hardships and the failures that come my way. The more I grew and gave my heart and soul the freedom to accommodate the feelings of compassion and selfless care the more I seemed to realize the greatness of my parents. Things that I used to take for granted, things that I thought I deserved seemed to be a bestowed gift that I never really appreciated while I was receiving them. You really do not need draw inspiration from someone who is famous person or a spiritual Guru the unsung heroes live with you or more precisely they “live for you”. We are often too arrogant, blinded by our youth to see and feel the things our parents do to pave a way for us that we can walk on later when they wont be there to do that anymore.

I was a rebellious teen and the only feeling I ever had for my parents or my loved ones was that they are too arrogant to understand what I was going through in life. I was academically a failure I barely had any friends and I was direction less. I did not share much with my family no matter how much they insisted. I had built a comfort zone for myself in the self loathing and self pity state of mind. I knew from within that all this can never lead to anything better but my heart was not open enough to let the help that was trying to flow towards me. There was a day when I decided not to goto school anymore, a lot of us relate to this situation and that was the very first feeling of intense depression that I had ever experienced. My mother sensed it right away and didn’t force me to get ready and did not lecture me like she used to. I let go of my ego and that childish arrogance and rested my head on her lap and had the most peaceful sleep of my life. Everything she had ever done for me, started going by in my thoughts and I woke up with moist eyes. That moment changed my whole prospective on life and I felt so grateful for having my parents by my side to support me and believe in me even when I had never actually proven myself at all.

We all generate hateful feelings for our loved ones some day other the other in our lives. As I have discussed earlier, our feelings and thoughts are way more powerful than our actions. I request you all to look beyond the intentions of the ones who are close to us thats how we all can grow.

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Originally published at on March 15, 2015.

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