When the hired movers are done with their jobs, they will probably expect a tip. It’s hard to know when and how much to tip them, though. There are a few things to keep in mind before you tip. Some of these considerations are listed below.

To Tip or Not to Tip

While you expect all moving companies to do a great job, some of them aren’t as good. When thinking about when and when not to tip, there are some pretty clear instances of both. Listed below are when you should definitely tip.

  • They showed up when they were supposed to.
  • They finished moving things in a shorter time than what was quoted or expected.
  • They had to go up and down a lot of stairs or other tough terrain.
  • They helped you finish up your packing.
  • None of the cardboard boxes or items were damaged.
  • They had fantastic customer service and professionalism.

Those are the situations that you should definitely tip in, but there are a few instances when you don’t have to tip and it’s completely up to you. These situations are: if they showed up late, damaged any of your items or acted completely unprofessional or rude.

Amount to Tip

There isn’t really a certain rule about how much you should tip. The best thing to do is tip each person the same amount or give the head person an amount and tell them it’s for everyone to split evenly. With that being said, people usually tip somewhere between 5–10 percent. For example, if your moving bill is $2000, you could start tipping at $100 and go up to $200. If you have 3 movers, it will be around $30-$60 per person. If you’re going to tip, you should make sure it’s at least 5 percent, but you can go higher than 20 percent. It really depends on how well they do and if you’re satisfied with the way they did things. Again, it’s completely up to you and there isn’t any type of rule you have to abide by.

Different Ways to Tip

Some people just aren’t comfortable giving cash as a tip and that’s completely fine. If you still want to tip but want to go a different route, there are a few other ways that you can show your appreciation. Some of those are listed below.

  • Cold drinks since they will probably work up a pretty good sweat.
  • Depending on the time of day, you could offer something like coffee and muffins.
  • You could also go the route of food and buy them lunch or dinner. Good ideas are pizza or sandwiches.

Now that you know some of the considerations, you can be confident when you’re tipping the movers. Remember, if they didn’t do a job that was good or up to your expectations, then you don’t have to tip. Only tip when they do a great job and do exactly what they’re supposed to. It can be stressful, but remember that a good moving team will be thankful and happy with whatever they get. Most would rather do a great job and possible tip, than do a horrible job and get no tip and a possible bad rating./