Pearl Jam and Punishment

So, Pearl Jam is the latest cancellation in North Carolina in response to HB2 and now my Facebook feed is full of people complaining that PJ is punishing the wrong people. That PJ’s fans should not be paying for the sins of our legislature and/or our governor. That McCrory couldn’t care less whether PJ plays a show in North Carolina.

I completely disagree with these statements and 100% support Pearl Jam in their decision.

The painful truth is that “we” are responsible for this legislation because “we” voted the current officials into office. “We” absolutely deserve the punishment for allowing this to happen. I’m using quotes because I didn’t vote for McCrory either, but I’m still responsible.

I believe any anger or disappointment North Carolinians are feeling should not be directed at PJ. Rather, we should be directing it at ourselves. For electing this legislature and governor. For letting them push their out-of-touch agenda. For letting them drag our beautiful state back to the dark ages.

Get mad! Get pissed off! I know I am.

Let’s then use that energy to motivate our communities, pressure our current officials, get the vote out in November, make our voices heard. If you don’t like that bands are canceling, then do something about it. Don’t just sit around and complain. Join the Air Horn Orchestra (and it’s fun!). Write to your officials. Organize. Gather. Rally. Protest. Vote. Get others to vote. Do something. Our voices do matter.

And to those of you who support HB2 and our governor… Welcome to the state you desired. An isolationist, Old South, intolerant, archaic, heartless, characterless, homogenized, ignorant state that the rest of the world will want nothing to do with.

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