Farewell, IOTA Foundation

A while ago, I started to discuss with Dominik and David, to resign from my assignment as an IOTA Foundation Board member and I have now decided to formally proceed, as soon as the 2017 and 2018 financial statements and audits of the charitable non-profit have been released to the public.

Technically, IOTA Foundation Board members are elected for lifetime. I am going to submit my formal resignation directly to the Berlin Senate, contingent on the above.

Even with the formal resignation pending, from April 1st 2019 onwards, I have asked to discontinue access to IOTA Foundation’s tools, communication and services and will no longer be active on behalf of the foundation in any way.

Most of my social media followers predate me joining IOTA Foundation and have very well noticed, that I haven’t been active in IOTA Foundation over the past couple of months.

While I had to focus on some personal matters — last year, my father got diagnosed with a rare form of dementia — I mainly want to re-focus my efforts around pragmatic, production level, large scale Internet-of-Things implementations at grandcentrix.

Also, IOTA Foundation succeeded to build and grow a super capable Executive Leadership team and I am a huge advocate for Governing Boards to not interfere with day-to-day operations; I initially joined the foundation to establish Operations, so naturally, I haven’t been able to add much value in that area for quite a while and others have taken over successfully.

It has been an incredible, chaotic, inspiring, mind blowing and sometimes troubling time. I personally want to thank Dom for bringing me on and the mutual trust we’ve immediately developed.

I wish all the best to the founders, the entire team and the wonderful IOTA community. May the past be an epilogue.

I’ll briefly follow up on Twitter, once I formally resigned. My contact details are available here.