Achieving Greater Impact through Systems and Platforms
WEF Global Futures Council on Platforms & Systems

Platforms & Systems as enabler of a prosperous future for humanity is from my point of view and experience a many-fold challenge.

Over the last two years participation in the MOOC #ulab, an ‘hybrid’-MOOC (digital & physical) “u.lab — Leading From the Emerging Future” (re-starting in autumn 2017), has given me and others the opportunity to learn about the challenges along the way from scratch to scale.

The beginnings are really tiny and fragile, and mostly depend on two things:

TRUST (between people and organization)

TIME (to participate and extract value for the own work and life context)

Another learning ground is the scientific and technology community that is growing here in the region around Dresden (“Silicon Saxony“). The 4th Industrial Revolution is gaining ground and its impact on society and each one of is clear. How to adapt and learn at scale together (#ScalableLearning) will be one of the key issues. Platforms & systems can and will play a crucial role.

The local Global Shapers Dresden Hub (a global World Economic Forum initiative for young leaders) is also focusing on the opportunities and challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution (especially the positive social impact on a local scale and connecting with other hubs around the world). Glad to play a connecting role bringing their work into the conversation at various occasions and a diverse set of stakeholders.

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