What Won’t Change in 20 Years?
Peter Diamandis

Thanks Peter to raise a question that is seldom reaching the common converstions.

What will not change in 10 to 20 years?

  • complexity of human behavior (which is certainly not as predictable as machines are often) — that may change a bit with AI arising
  • individual urge for love and closeness with other humans and living creatures
  • human passion for exploration, whether it is a desired human bond, fulfilling a challenge, or venturing out to space
  • technology in various forms to enable the above

All said there is a sense of “stability” even though all seems to be out of order (refugee crisis, political crisis, climate crisis, ….). We all tend to seek out a “goal seeking” future plateau (in various forms and levels) preparing us with a stable ground to proceed further into the future.

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