Guarantees are indeed an interesting topic.
Tiago Forte

Accountability and following-through: Setting up “examination gates” (or “quality gates”) to send a clear signal might help. Another idea I had: offer a partial refund upon completion, e.g. “The course costs $100 to enroll — but you’ll get $20 back once you complete it.” :-) You would calculate your prospective revenue based on $80 or maybe factor in a drop-out rate so it would be $85 or $90.
Saving money can be a powerful motivation.

Flexible and yet unwavering: I like that. Sounds like the right mixture to stay in the flow of life. Retain the ability to change, at the same time provide a clear profile.

Honoring your word: Very important to me. Keep all (!) your promises. Be reliable, trustworthy, dependable. “Promise like a pro” :-) I even founded a small “movement” based on that. Become a rock of reliability in a world of erratic decisons and restlessness. Yes, I belief that can be a differentiator.

My next experiment with training is a “retreat”: 5 days, 6 students, 2 modes. We’ll me in a small hotel in the Alpes to learn about a certain way of software development. But that will only be for about 6–7 hours a day. Another 3–4 hours will be spent mountainbiking (from 1pm to 5pm). Method training will be 4 hours in the mornings, and 3 hourse after dinner.

The idea behind that: create an intensive atmosphere to help learning through an emotional charge-up. Also switch modes (brain vs body) to help learning. And then provide a different perspective on software development by reflecting on the practice of mountainbiking. There’s quite a bit to learn from this sport for team work and process design.

I’ve planned 2 retreats already, one in May, one in June. Participation is cheap compared to other one week trainings. But I want to make it affordable not just for companies. Registrations are rolling in already :-)

Would I do (offer) a paid STEVE? I’d like to. But the exact format is not yet clear to me. More experiments needed on my side ;-) The main advantage to me would be to become more independent with regard to time and location in my work. I’d even be willing to accept some drop in revenue for increased freedom/mobility.

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