Enough Already

Fandom works in some aspects like religions do. You blind yourself to stupidities, incoherent stories and characters and react violently and irrationally towards those who do not share your belief or even mock it for the absurd mess that the fictional object of worship actually is. Those corporate robots know it and bet on it to make a profit for their shareholders in spite of offering lousy childish movies and a ton of merchandise that would have made the delights of a retarded sibling of some old monarch whose parents were way too close relatives.

Really, bad movies are just bad. Incoherent stories are just incoherent, and fandom is no justification for lack of narrative pulse, ambition, non-one dimensional characters or even respect for the audience. Enough with this franchise fever and this Trumpish-superheros whose only merit is the absence of love for movies and creativity in an industry that stopped doing good products when started pandering accountants over the movie goers.