photos provided by Allie McDade

Family Tradition

By: Allie McDade

Tarina Martinez is the head volleyball coach for Sparks High School located in Sparks, Nev. She took some time out of her busy schedule and was able to talk a little bit about her career in coaching and who has inspired her.

Martinez started learning about volleyball at a young age, playing it in the backyards of family members. She learned about the game more when she started playing for her aunt Dayla at Wells High School.

Martinez said, “Dayla taught me how to play all around the court and to really learn the game.”

After playing high school volleyball for Wells and Yerington High Schools, Martinez was able to further her knowledge in the sport by playing for Lassen Community College.

From starting in backyards to playing college volleyball, Martinez has gained the fundamentals and skills to provide in coaching high school students.

Martinez has coached for eight seasons, and two of those seasons she was recognized as coach of the year. She first received coach of the year her second season at the young age of 23. Martinez was one of the youngest coaches to receive this honor. “The feeling was exciting because I was up against my high school coach from Yerington,” Martinez said.

When Martinez is not coaching her high school team, she spends her time coaching a couple of UNR club teams during her off season. She coaches the Division 2 teams that play other D2 teams, like UC Davis and Sacramento.

Volleyball is in her blood. Martinez is a young and outgoing coach, striving to become that much better. To do so, she says she often calls upon the person who first sparked her interest in the sport, her aunt Dayla. Martinez call’s her all the time for feedback and her aunt will sometimes travel down from northern Nevada and help her coach. Talk about a family tradition.