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You are an influencer and you are looking to further monetize your online content or sell your digital product with the help of your super fans?

Reach & engagement problems

Today, you depend on an algorithm and ads to get reach and engagement.

You have spent years building your community on social platforms, why should you buy ads to reach your own community!

It’s also important to mention that running ads don’t guarantee you positive ROI which can leave you with ad payouts.

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With Rally you can earn for helping your favorite creators sell their premium content. You automatically receive a sales commission when your friends buy the premium content you shared.

Here are the steps to find premium content you want to share with your friends and earn a commission when they buy:

1. Discover premium content you can share

Tap on the “Discovery” bottom menu.

Tap on the “Filter” button and choose the filter “Post”.

You can see on this view all the premium content posted on Rally.

Influencers can monetize their premium content with the help of their community. With Rally, influencers can automatically send a sales commission to users who help sell the influencer’s content to their friends.

Here are the steps to create a landing page with your premium content and your affiliate program:

1. Create a premium post on Rally app

Tap on the plus sign and “Premium Post”

2. Create your Premium Rally post and your landing page

Add a caption and a media to your Rally post

You have created premium content that you want to sell online? Use our new feature “premium post”! It’s a tool that allows you to create your eCommerce landing page with your premium content in 2 minutes and give a commission to any user helping you to sell your premium content!

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