Over the decades, Chicago has established itself as a presence in the world of food. The city has held its own and then some against New York City, Paris, France, and San Francisco. From humble immigrant beginnings, generations of young cooks began to share family recipes and open local mom and pop-shops within city limits. Thanks to that, residents are now fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most amazing award-winning restaurants and cuisine.

Just as food has evolved, so has media and technology. Social media sites and blogs have played a role in the explosion of amazing eats found in Chicago. Foodies have taken a simple meal and turned it into a culture — one where we are able to openly discuss a delicious plate in front of us with passion and vigor. As restaurants continue to open, change hands and evolve within themselves, the people of Chicago are given more opportunities to experience these innovations.

That discussion has spilled over from the table at which we eat, to the internet where bloggers share their thoughts and break news on up and coming chefs, restaurants and new ventures.

Below is a small sampling of some of my favorite Chicago food blogs.

Chicago Food Magazine

Bloody Best

Bunny & Brandy’s Brunchtime Blog

I hope the trend grows and we continue to see everything from scientific, molecular gastronomic methods to homemade creations born in the kitchen of a vintage Lakeview three-flat.