Comparative analysis Aiyyaa and Fight Club

Aiyyaa and Fight Club both films are based on extremities of life. In both the films the protagonist are unhappy the way they are living and choose escapism as an option to deal with same.

Aiyyaa is focused more on the concept of love and marriage while fight club is based more on the concept of subdued anger and destruction. The movie Aiyyaa in my opinion might impact a female viewer more and Fight Club on the other hand would be more reletable to a Male. This is due to the fact that the first one is more catered to what women associate to (love) while the latter is based on fighting and destruction which is what males associate with.

Both these films peculiarly feature a very weird extreme side character Marla in Fight Club and Munah in Aiyyaa.

Although a conclusive end is only there in Aiyyaa while fight club ends in a inconclusive manner leaving the audience thinking.

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