Devember devlog #15

Hi everyone!

As I promised yesterday, today I’ve added Blinn-Phong shading to the program to see if that made the result closer to the reference one, but it haven’t work. Despite that, you can watch the result at the top of the post and if you compare it with the result from yesterday you’ll see that the specular highlights are, indeed, different.

Then I’ve started to think about adding refraction, so I read a bit about it, but I’ve decided to implement it another day, as I prefer to be more prepared than I am now.

As after adding AA, shadows and refraction the time that takes the program to finish is higher than I like, I’ve decided to read something about parallelization with OpenMP (in order to refresh my memory about it, as I’ve used it in the past but in a very simple way) and I’ve done a little test, but the results are no good, as there is no time improvement. I still find it interesting, so maybe I go back to it in the future after exploring other optimization options.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!