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Litigation Ensures that a Client is Properly Represented in the Courtroom, Explains Ralph C. Chapa

Legal issues arise all the time. How people deal with them can lead to better results. Ralph C. Chapa, an attorney licensed to practice law in both Florida and Michigan explains the need to work with a lawyer experienced in litigation.

Often, people choose arbitration as it allows for settling a legal dispute outside of a courtroom. As such, people choose a lawyer based on cost and the area of law they specialize in. Ralph Chapa explains that this can be a mistake as arbitration…

Personal Injury Claims Involve Various Steps, Explains Attorney Ralph Charles Chapa

Personal injury claims happen every day. Someone gets hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence. Rather than dealing solely with an insurance company, many people choose to hire a personal injury lawyer. Ralph C. Chapa, a lawyer who has been practicing for over 30 years, explains that hiring a lawyer can ensure that one’s case is being dealt with fairly.

Ralph Charles Chapa identifies that one of the top questions he is asked by potential clients is how a personal injury claim works. While he is the first…

Restaurant Owners Need to Understand Liquor Liability, Explains Attorney Ralph Charles Chapa

Many restaurants serve liquor to diners, whether at the bar or at a dining room table. Liquor liability insurance is needed in order to address the liability issues that arise. Attorney Ralph C. Chapa out of Farmington Hills, Michigan discusses the need for understanding liquor liability.

Ralph Chapa explains how any restaurant serving liquor needs to have liquor liability insurance. It offers financial protection in the event that someone drinks too much and gets into an accident. …

In this new year, whether you call them resolutions or goals, it is important to define what you wish to accomplish, set benchmarks, and keep your eye on the prize even when focusing on the required smaller steps. Partner at Kaufman, Payton, and Chapa, Ralph Charles Chapa has several considerations for insurance agents to help grow their business while delivering excellent coverage and superior service.

Many people fall victim to accidents, especially ones that are caused by negligence. If you have been injured in an accident or mishap, such as slipping and falling on a wet floor at a store or being burned while at a fireworks display, you may have a valid claim for a personal injury suit. A suit of this type with a good chance of being decided in your favor includes liability, damages, and collectability. …

Ralph Chapa
Ralph Chapa

When it comes to prestigious professions, there aren’t many that can hold a candle to being a lawyer. When an attorney tells people what they do for a living or hands someone a business card, they generally make a good impression. However, there is a reason that lawyers tend to command high salaries — it’s not an easy job. And despite the television and movie stereotype of lawyers arguing passionately in a stately courtroom, the majority of attorneys do not have a particularly glamorous career.

What is it really like to be an attorney? …

The Party’s Over: Homeowner’s Insurance and Host Liquor Liability Explained by Ralph C. Chapa

We’ve discussed liquor liability coverage before, but that was in the context of a bar, pub, restaurant, or other business that serves alcohol. What about the legal complexities that arise when someone drinks too much at a house party or backyard BBQ, tries to drive home, and ends up injuring or killing someone in an accident? Ralph Chapa discusses this type of liability and how to make certain your family is protected.

Host liquor liability is generally covered as part of a standard homeowner’s insurance policy…

Dishonest, immoral, money-grubbing, opportunistic, calculating, uncaring, self-centered, Machiavellian, narcissistic — these are just a few of the personality traits that so many people associate with attorneys. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny the fact that lawyers get a pretty bad rap, at least in pop cultural portrayals.

Of course, no group of people can be painted with such a broad brush. Lawyers come from all walks of life, champion many deserving causes, and do good work for their clients. Yes, there are some greedy and cold-hearted individuals, but that’s true of almost every profession.

So what…

If you watch courtroom dramas on television or like to read legal thrillers by the likes of John Grisham or Lisa Scottoline, you’re probably familiar with at least some basic concepts of criminal law: Miranda rights, what a district attorney does, how a mistrial happens, how jurors are selected, and so on, explains Ralph Chapa. In books and on TV, trials are exciting. But the vast majority of legal procedures take place outside the courtroom, and may not involve criminal charges at all.

There are essentially two main branches of law: criminal law and civil law, also known as torts…

Most Americans are at least passingly familiar with the legal concept of liability; it’s the responsibility borne by all citizens, companies, agencies, and other entities to act in a certain manner. Negligence is a similar term that describes a person’s failure to exercise reasonable care in order to avoid hurting another individual or damaging property.

But what is product liability? How can an inanimate object be responsible? Attorney Ralph Chapa, who specializes in product liability as well as other types, explains the topic in simple terms.

Of course, no one actually thinks that a hoverboard, a bottle of facial cleanser…

Ralph Chapa

Ralph Chapa has been a practicing attorney for 32 years and specializes in liability claims. Michigan

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