Great Article — it lresonates a lot with my current state of mind.
Hartmuth Gieldanowski

Hey Hardy, thank you for putting so much effort into a stimulating comment! I wouldn’t describe my approach as Human Centered Design, since that would imply that anything which is not human (other living and non-living systems) are pushed to the periphery of our attention and compassion — a flaw in our humanist tradition. The underlying idea is rather to feel integrated into our social and biological environments and resonate with them instead of claiming to be of supreme importance.

When it comes to “Design”, I see it as an open-ended discourse — such as the term “Art” for instance. What Design “is” or “should be” is mainly a stimulating starting point for ideas and creative approaches. For instance as much as I see value in the idea of “Designers are problem solvers.” I also find this concept too restrictive and prefer to point out the “creativity” of designers. And what the “c-word” actually means is of course also open for debate… not much solid ground in our line of work, is there? ;-)

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