Six Bad Habits Relating to Ab Exercise

As is always the case, there is a correct way to attain a flatter stomach, and a few methods that are incorrect. If you work out incorrectly, you will not see any results and may even injure yourself in the process. When you’re performing an ab exercise workout or any other kind of exercise, make sure to meet with a professional, warm up, and keep the following tips in mind.

Raise Your Knees Up High

While performing stomach exercise crunches, you should bend your knees and keep your feet level with the floor so your knees are centered and pointed towards the ceiling. Make sure they’re up and centered, and not towards one side. If your knees fall to one side, you’re putting pressure on your back, and this can lead to uncomfortable spinal injuries.


Conventional sit-ups really don’t do much to strengthen the stomach. The strain is mostly on the hip muscles even if they’re performed correctly. The inclination to pull the torso upwards using the arms is another problem, and it defeats the purpose of the exercise. Beyond that, when sit-ups are done with speed, as people often do them, the momentum is what is really making the mid-section go up and down instead of muscle groups. Crunches are good substitutes for conventional sit-ups.

Straight Leg Lift

One more conventional “stomach exercise,” this exercise really strains the lower back more than the muscles surrounding your torso. Additionally, it can put unnecessary strain on your vertebrae that could lead to harm.

Excess Repetitions

You should never perform over fifty repetitions of a stomach exercise. If you aren’t seeing results by doing fifty reps, additional exercises will not promote any more results. As your stomach becomes stronger, if you feel like you need a larger challenge, attempt a more complex ab exercise as a substitute to simply doing more repetitions.


In reality, the amount you sleep can influence your stomach exercise regimen. If you rest in a position that causes spinal discomfort, it will make it a lot harder for you to do stomach exercises the next day. You will likely encounter spinal discomfort if you sleep on your ab since it makes your back arch, and usually brings about nagging pain in your back. You can prevent this by sleeping on your back with a pillow underneath your legs. This will maintain your vertebrae in a line, keep back pain away, and permit you to have a good workout the next day.

Lack of Resistance

Each stomach exercise requires resistance in order to work, whether it’s derived from a resistance band, gravity, or an exercise ball. If your exercise doesn’t utilize resistance, like broomstick twists, you won’t see results in your torso. Thankfully, this abdominal exercise has no negative effects and can help you to warm up your midsection prior to a workout. Simply don’t think it will make your ab flat.


It’s essential to have correct ab exercise techniques. There are simply some pieces of advice to help you prevent injury and avoid wasting time. Make sure to thoroughly investigate a new stomach exercise before you begin, and always meet with your doctor prior to starting any fitness program.

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