Dear Melania Trump
Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose, Melanie Trump is, indeed, an “immigrant”. She came here legally and later became a U.S. citizen. She is not “undocumented” (illegal) like you. You can see your Mama any time you want, but you won’t, because you know that, if you leave the U.S., your many years of unlawful presence in the United States will kick in, and you will be banned from re-entering the U.S. for 10 years (and that’s if you are eligible to return). Our immigration system is “not broken”. It is a complex system of laws intended to restrict the number of people who can legally come into the United States. So, when you talk about your mother not being able to come here for years, it is because she is a “preference category” whose visa number is not immediately available, as it would be if she were an “immediate relative” (such as the spouse or child or parent of a U.S. citizen). She has to check the Department of State website for her number to become available, and in some cases (like for siblings of U.S. citizens), that takes about 12 years. So stop the arrogant crap. You entered the United States BY FRAUD. You presented fraudulent documents, which makes you deportable under Section 237 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, because you are inadmissible under Section 212. You applied for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) but probably were denied for having committed fraud. Even if you had been approved, DACA is only “deferred action” (deferring deportation). Please stop encouraging illegal immigration, and respect our laws!

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