Great Writers Buried Under The Medium Sea
Tiffany Sun

Like with many things in life, the person providing the most value usually doesn’t get the most external rewards, like money, status, recognition.

Think about the doctors and nurses in the local hospital working round the clock. Spilling sweat and sometimes blood to tend over ailing patients. Versus cosmetic surgeons, sorry, beauty doctors, where a jab of botox or some fillings can cost thousands of dollars.

The most under paid of all are mothers.

I don’t have to further explain.

Point is those really talented and value providing people are enjoying their work and playing their role with a sense of responsibility. They felt the reward internally. Satisfaction of a job done well, seeing her child sleep peacefully, the providers are selfless in their work.

We as receivers have to reciprocate.

Smile. Say thank you.

Thank you for reading.