How Minimalism Brought Me Freedom and Joy
James Altucher

Most of us are living a life designed by others. The government, our parents, our spouses, our friends, some influencers.

We are indoctrinated to achieve 'something'. That something could be social status, money, expensive toys, a certain type of lifestyle that one finds difficult to sustain.

Pain comes when we have to achieve something in life.


I find that I feel much more alive and happy when I substitute the word 'achieve' with 'experience'. Maybe it has to do with 'achieve' giving off an close ended feeling and 'experience' giving off an open-ended feeling.


then: "I want to achieve the status of being a bestselling author."

now: "I want to experience writing."

then: "I want to be productive. Achieving ten pages of writing per day for one month."

now: "I want to experience the joy of writing daily."

Just by reading 'I want to experience' makes me relax and happy and want to take action now.

*Off to the library to write. Longhand. Lately been smitten by fountain pen and cursive writing.

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