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Since when did President TRUMP become public enemy #1?

What is it that infuriates the left so much?

  1. Is it that they live in a fantasy world and TRUMP is shattering it daily?
  2. Is it that TRUMP doesn’t fit the ‘politically correct’ world Obama was so hard to get set up.
  3. Or maybe it is simply that they didn’t get their way in the election?
  4. Maybe b/c they are so into selfishness that if things don’t go their way, they are gonna do anything to change it?
  5. Surely it isn’t that they trust Hillary more? If so, we are in worse shape than I thought.
  6. Is it b/c TRUMP threatens to change the ‘give me mine’ culture?
  7. Is it b/c TRUMP is a realist?
  8. Is it b/c the liberals will have to become legitimate and cannot hide behind diversions any longer?
  9. Is it b/c the people who control the world want him out?
  10. Or is it just hate?
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