When modularity is a need

At PONF GmbH, we are developing an innovative modular camera: a camera that will be fully programmable, fully customisable and will give you an easy access to AI-based imaging and IoT.

In today life, many of us are surrounded by AI (Artificial Intelligence), even without knowing it. Every time we use our smart phone and ask for help, we are interacting with an AI. When we take a photo and the camera follows the faces of the people we are taking a picture of, that is another example of AI.

But, is AI really helping us, or helping us to perform things that we cannot do?

When we started working with our Raspberry PI based imaging solution, we quickly realised that using a single board and a single sensor was a nice, and challenging, thing. But, it was not enough. 
What if someone needed a more powerful solution? What if a customer asked us an AI to perform a specific task in a specific application?

Of course a mass produced, one size fits all solution would not have been the right one, so we decided to shift our paradigm and we went modular.

Modular: adjective - mod·u·lar - \ ˈmä-jə-lər \ : constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use (Merriot Dictionary)

We want precisely that: use standard products and make them work together in a better product, so to allow the users to have a flexible, custom made tool to simplify their job and life.

So, we are designing a better, more complex solution, where we will be able to use many different imaging sensor on many different electronics. We will start, of course, from a couple of specific applications, but we plan to grow big.

Our solution use Artificial Intelligence and are IoT connected. What does it mean for you? 
It means that you can do better what you need to do because of the help of the Artificial Intelligence that can recognise objects, make previsions, help you decide. 
It means that you can use IoT to be connected to internet, to other equipment, to more sensors and, even, to more people that are using similar technology.

We want to provide solution that may help elder people live better, studying small, smart appliance that could be worn on and that can help people seeing more easily, remembering better, having their health status monitored and so on.

We want to help doctors providing better diagnosis with AI-based imaging, so that their knowledge and experience can work even better, with the help of machine learning.

We want to give companies the chance to use our solution to improve their production and their product, and help us finding even more applications for the modular concept.

We are staring our prototyping phase. If you are interested in our project, simply drop us a line, we are happy to share our ideas.

To do that, we need investments, we need partners. People and companies that believe, as we do, that we should not be bound by just one product, when designing a solution. People that believe that we can help people living better, using smart technology.